Why a Real Estate Career? Why Not?!

Renae Virata | February 13, 2017 | Real Estate Agent Industry Reports

Why a Real Estate Career? Why Not?!Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and we thought there could be no better time than today to share some great stories from real estate agents around the country about what they love about the job.

If you’re a newbie agent or wondering whether real estate is for you, let these stories help convince you. We think you’ll see that a career in real estate is about more than just commissions!

Erin Pierce, San Antonio

My favorite moments in real estate are when I share an inside joke or funny story with my customers at the closing table, and then I realize that we only met a month or two prior.  It’s a true example of how quickly a trusting relationship can build between people when they walk together through something as intense and important as buying or selling a home.”

Connie Durnal, Dallas

“I love being a part of people’s lives and helping them to achieve their dreams.  It warms my heart when they place their faith and trust in me.  We bond.  We become a team.  We become friends.  I’m part of something that’s a huge part of someone’s life and I’m able to contribute to their goals.  One of my most favorite times is ‘The Hug.’ When you least expect it a customer will give you a big hug, tell you how wonderful you are and thank you for being there for them.  They tell you they couldn’t have done it without you and that they are so glad they found you.  It touches my heart.  I’m doing what I enjoy doing, and I’m being paid for it, but the best pay you could ever ask for is helping someone and being hugged for it — that’s an awesome bonus.”

Kristina Wales, Houston

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“I had the honor of selling my grandmother’s property last year. There was a ton of interest when it first went live on the market. My grandmother and the rest of the family really wanted to preserve the sanctity of her land. It is very common in that particular area to chop up larger lots for multiple units. I felt the same way the family did so I made flyers and went door to door in the neighborhood to gauge interest. We ended up getting an amazing offer from an amazing couple that lived right down the street. They are going to use some of the existing items from my grandmother’s home as they build their family’s forever home.”

Jose Medina, Miami

“There are so many awesome stories that it’s hard to choose, but once I worked with a couple looking to relocate to a different part of town so that they could put their son in a different school district. We were pressed against time because the school year had started, plus they wanted to close before the end of the year for tax purposes. We found a home within the school district, but eight days before closing we discovered that there was a lien on the home from the city for hundreds of thousands of dollars. My customers were devastated and asked me if there was anything I could do, so I spent the next two whole days down at the city working with the owner and city officials to resolve the issue. We closed the day before Christmas Eve and my customers had me over for Christmas. It was a very gratifying experience.”

Jessica Johnson, Miami

“I love that every day as a real estate agent is different. Meeting with new customers, showing waterfront homes or high-rise condos, dealing with negotiations… Every day is a new and exciting opportunity to assist my Redfin customers.”

Lori Greiza, New Jersey

“I live for my reviews, which we post to Redfin.com. It’s also really rewarding to see when my client shares how I made a difference to them; inviting me to their blessing ceremony or telling me that I made the difference in them finding the right home.  Those moments are the ones that make all of the hard work and countless hours worth it!”

Gina Sapnar, New Jersey

“After joining Redfin in 2014, one of my first customers was a couple who had a special needs son in a wheelchair.  We had to find a home that had room for a bedroom with a bathroom on the ground floor and minimal steps. We were under a tight time constraint so in-depth homework was a must before scheduling tours. On our second tour we found the home! We put an offer in and the listing agent called back to let us know they had multiple offers. We strategically put together the offer with a cover letter explaining the situation and the love for the home, and why it was so important to the family.  My customer’s offer was accepted and we closed in 30 days. It was a pivotal moment in a few lives that day!  As a real estate agent it was so fulfilling.”

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Renae Virata