Who is Your REAL Real Estate Team?

Renae | April 28, 2017 | Best Practices

Who is Your REAL Real Estate Team?The concept of teams abound in real estate, from an internal perspective. You have your broker, your associate and your admins and assistants. But what about your external real estate team? Your go-to professionals who are there with you through every real estate transaction?

It’s important to make sure you not only recognize this team but also nurture your relationships within it. After all, they are the ones who work with you on a consistent basis.

Members of the Squad

Who are the members of your real estate team? We look at it in two parts. The first is your team of professionals who help make your transactions go smoothly. These are your escrow, title and closing attorneys; mortgage and loan pros; insurance providers; inspectors; home warranty vendors; and even staging companies.

Then you have your second group, those who help after the transaction takes place. These can include interior designers, remodelers, landscapers, HVAC, roofers and others committed to helping make a house more of a home for your clients.

Create Lasting Partnerships

The beauty of having a team of professionals to round out your resources for clients is the built-in, mutually beneficial referrals that can come of it.

What are some ways that you and your real estate team can help each other out?

  • Include each other’s bios and links to business on your websites.
  • Do a write-up for your blogs on their service.
  • Take it one step further and include a testimonial and/or case study.
  • Guest post for each other’s blogs.
  • Be sure to share each and engage with each other’s social media posts.
  • Include “ads” in your newsletters.
  • Co-sponsor bigger ads and events in the community.

Provide a Variety of Professionals to Pull from

This is all not to say that you couldn’t have a bunch of different mortgage lenders or interior designers, for example, to share with clients. In fact, as part of your building relationships with your clients and providing a more consultative approach, you might do well to tailor your recommendations of who your clients should work with to each one.

For example, mortgage lenders who have worked with many of your more established, boomer clients should be your go-to for this generation. Inspectors who are extremely hand-holding and responsive to client needs would be perfect for those first-time homebuyers.

Just think about your clients’ needs and personalities first and match your recommendations accordingly.

Don’t Forget to Show Your Appreciation

Besides showing off your real estate team through your marketing efforts, don’t forget to thank them throughout the year. If you worked on a particularly challenging transaction, together, take them out for a celebratory lunch, happy hour or cool event. Or send them a little something to show your gratitude.

One last piece of advice. If the situation warrants it, a debrief is a great way to ensure that any lessons learned from a transaction are out on the table and learned by all sides.

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