When to Know Your Website is Too Much

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Real estate agents consistently market. That’s just how it goes. When they’re not building and maintaining their sphere of influence, They’re making phone calls, posting on Instagram, and doing what it takes to build their real estate agent brand.

One other way to build your real estate agent brand is to create your own website. There are a ton of reasons why you should have your own website. Controlling the message, having say as to what people think about you, is the most important reason.

Hopefully, you’ve created, or will soon create, your own website. As with everything, though, there are pitfalls to creating a website. Often, the pitfalls don’t involve a lack of content on real estate agent websites. That’s not too bad. The real issue is having too much on a website, not having too little.

When to Know Your Website is Too Much
It almost sounds counterintuitive that a website can be too much. Too much implies that the website offers more than what potential clients wish to see. Although that has something to do with it, the real way to know if a website is too much is if it leads to what David Zhang calls bounce rate.

From Zhang’s perspective, if a viewer leaves your site after less than a minute, you’re not doing a good job of keeping that individual’s attention. Why do viewers leave websites? Below, check out what Zhang says about that.

1. Viewers’ expectations aren’t met
When a viewer’s expectations aren’t met, they move on. Looking at a real estate agent website means that very specific expectations exist. If you don’t satisfy those expectations, if you don’t include more information about home purchasing and selling than the family dog, you’re not meeting expectations.

2. Potential clients must have the ability to use your site
By use, we mean potential clients must be able to find relevant, actionable, information. Do you have a place where clients can put in their contact information? If so, how difficult was it for potential clients to navigate to that place?

3. Great websites give direction
This is a no-brainer, but it must be stated:  great websites give direction. The very best websites, no matter the industry, point viewers towards something.

As a real estate agent, you want to point viewers towards making a decision.  That decision is to go with you to sell their home, or to purchase a home. How do you do that? You do that by giving direction within your website.

We’ll publish more blogs on website. For now, realize that unless you meet potential clients’ expectations, make it easy for potential clients to navigate, or don’t give direction, your website could fail at branding you as the real estate agent to go with.


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