What to do If Your Website Isn’t Effective

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If you own and run a personal business, you can’t function without a website. That’s just the nature of the world we live in today. Word of mouth marketing isn’t enough. Even if it is enough, you’re never totally in control of word of mouth marketing. That means you must have other ways of encouraging potential buyers and sellers to go with you as their real estate agent.

That means you should have a real estate agent website. But, what happens if your website is ineffective? What should you do if your website isn’t effective?
Check out three things to consider.

What to Do If Your Website Isn’t Effective

You must know why your website isn’t effective before knowing what to do about it. Here are three reasons why your website might not be doing its job.

1. Ineffective on page optimization
Once a potential client signs onto your website, you must direct them a specific way. In most cases, that’s easier said than done. Directing individuals on your website to perform a specific function, if you believe digital ad gurus, has become a sort of art form.
The art form is more paint like numbers than a Da Vinci master work, though. It’s not as difficult as it seems. The key is to push potential clients, buyers or sellers, towards sending you an email, or giving you a phone call.

What’s the best way to do that? Give them reasons to contact you. Maybe, you’re used to working with various types of clients, those who might not qualify for all loans, just as an example. Or, maybe, you’ve just listed a couple of houses. Or, you’ve just sold a few houses.

Advice:  There’s nothing wrong with spreading your feathers and showing your track record. Heck, maybe, you could even get a quote from someone about your excellent real estate agent skills.

2. Your website is bare
You never want to make any page on your website too much. That’s the death knell of every website. It doesn’t matter what website it is, or in what industry it is. When it comes to a real estate agent site, the single goal is to push for an email or phone call.

That means you must convince potential clients that you’re the one they should call or email. The best way to do that is to separate yourself from your competition.

Advice:  Show more on your website. But, don’t show too much. It helps if you’ve sold, as an example, different types of properties. If you’ve had success selling commercial property, million dollar homes, and less than $400,000 homes, show that. It means you can handle pretty much anything thrown your way.

3. Link building goes nowhere
All link building should go to one purpose, an email or phone call. There’s no other reason to link build. You can, though, provide links to a site, or specific articles that provide information. Be careful about doing this because in most cases you’ll lose the potential client. How many people hit a link on a site and then return to that site?

Advice: You don’t need too many links because you’re a real estate agent. You can get away with a few links that drive potential clients to a single action:  to send you an email or give you a phone call.

If your website isn’t effective, it’s probably because your link building goes nowhere, your website is too bare, or you have ineffective on page optimization. You can solve all three of those issues by keeping one goal in mind:  you want potential clients to email or call you.


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