What Makes a Successful Realtor? 10 Strategies For Success

homevalueleads | June 25, 2014 | Real Estate Agent Industry Reports

What makes a successful realtor?  The response to this question depends greatly on who is answering.  To one person, success means hitting a certain income target.  To another, success means finding fulfillment in one’s career.  No matter how you define success, there are key strategies that the top 1% of successful realtors uses.  Here are 10 key strategies:

1. Productivity > Staying Busy

All realtors stay busy; successful realtors use their limited time and energy where it is the most effective.  To do this in your own career, try to develop a routine for your day.  Get your most important tasks done in the morning, before you even check your email.  This lets you be proactive, rather than reactive.

2. Develop a Specialty

In real estate, you can choose from many specialties.  Successful realtors understand that developing a specialty does not limit opportunities; it allows them to become an expert in a given field.  Let yourself be the “go-to person” for some market niche.

3. Match Buyers and Sellers

Seems basic; this what a successful realtor’s job is all about, right?  Do not make the job more complicated than it really is.

4. Think Big Picture

Successful realtors do not get caught up in the details.  The heart of real estate is a simple task.  Take a look at the things you do while you are working; how many of them actually improve your ability to complete this task?  Consider reevaluating any activities that do not.

5. Be Active in Your Community

Successful realtors volunteer and attend charity events. Get your name out there.  This not only makes you a more effective realtor, it can actually make you a better, more fulfilled person.

6. Good Customer Service

Successful realtors answer phone calls and emails promptly; always be courteous and helpful.  Never forget that your business exists to serve customers, not the other way around.  Far too many people forget this, and become insufferable.

7. Stay in Touch

Successful realtors check in regularly with previous customers to make sure they are still doing well.  This is a good way to get word-of-mouth referrals and/or repeat customers.

8. Foster Relationships with Realtors in Other Areas

Successful realtors attend professional conferences and trade shows at least once a year to develop relationships with realtors from across the country.  When they have a client moving to your area, you will have a new customer.

9. Use Your Digital Tools

Successful realtors use tools and technology to their advantage to reduce the load of busy work. Your website, social media, email and other digital tools make it much easier to manage a large number of former, current and future clients.  

10. Fill Your Website with Relevant Content

Successful realtors have a website about the community, not about them. One of the best ways to drive traffic to your website is to have a blog or library of articles related to real estate in your area.  If you are not confident in your writing skills, hire someone else to write for you.

What makes a successful realtor?  These strategies are part of the answer.  Now, you know what to do.

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