What Does it Mean to Be Accountable?

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All real estate agents must strive for sincerity. Sincere real estate agents almost always succeed where insincere real estate agents fail because once you get a reputation as an insincere real estate agent, the reputation could stick.

Part of being a sincere real estate agent is to grasp accountability. What does it mean to have accountability? Accountability simply means taking responsibility, or liability, for your actions.

Ways to Become a More Accountable Real Estate Agent

To become a more accountable real estate agent, you must also become a more accountable person. Check out a few ways to do both

  1. Create a personal mission statement and real estate agent mission statement

Your personal mission statement should be something that exists outside of your real estate agent life. No matter what you do for a living, no matter the situation, your personal mission statement should be there to guide you.

Your real estate agent missions statement should reflect your personal mission statement with a real estate agent bent. If your personal mission statement is to never lose your integrity, your real estate agent mission statement might be to never sacrifice your integrity to close a real estate deal.

  1. Make yourself accountable for your decisions

Accountability is the same thing as responsibility. You must make yourself accountable for your own decisions. You can’t worry so much if a decision you made goes wrong. Get used to saying, “My bad,” at least internally. If the decision you make drastically effects one of your clients, you had better say, “My bad” to that client.

There’s nothing worse for someone who wants to purchase or sell a home to see their real estate agent being unaccountable. You’ll never sell or find a home for those individuals again. So, always take responsibility if you made the mistake.

  1. Review the job you’ve done

Be critical about the job you’re doing and the job you’ve done. If you see where you could have changed something to get your client a better deal, or even change something to improve both your client’s and your situation, acknowledge it. Always review every home that you’ve sold, or every house that you’ve found, to see if you could have done something better.

  1. Also, reward yourself

It’s important to not only take responsibility for your actions especially when they affect your clients’ lives, it’s also important to reward yourself after you’ve done a good job. Being critical doesn’t mean you must beat yourself up.

Any time you close a deal, you should reward yourself in some way. Even if it’s something as simple as patting yourself on the back, it’s a good practice to reward yourself.

Sincerity and accountability go hand in hand. Real estate agents can only be sincere if they’re accountable. Remember the four ways to become a more accountable person we’ve listed and you’ll have no trouble attracting new clients.

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