What Are EI Sales?

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There are all sorts of ways to approach a sales situation. As real estate agents, we run into plenty of different types of sales situations. We could end up having to convince a seller on list price. We could also end up having to convince a buyer to not look to purchase beyond their capabilities.

There are all sorts of sales situations that real estate agents come up against every day. What’s important to understand is that even though there are plenty of different sales situations, the one thing that always matters is to provide emotional intelligence when selling.

How can real estate agents do that? Keep reading to find out!

How to Employ EI in Real Estate Agent Selling

Just as a reminder, emotional intelligence is recognizing, understanding and managing our own emotions as well as recognizing, understanding, and influencing the emotions of others.

Manage your own emotions first – This is the most important aspect of emotional intelligence and real estate agent selling. If you can’t control (manage) your own emotions first, you could fail miserably as a real estate agent.

Clients aren’t always on the same page as their real estate agents. The two might not even mesh personality wise. That means real estate agents must manage their emotions first so that they and their clients can get on the same page.

Recognize your clients’ emotions – Recognizing emotions doesn’t mean just understanding the emotion. For example, recognizing that a client is angry, doesn’t mean that you understand why the client is angry. Emotional intelligence is getting to the heart of matters. That means knowing exactly why a client might be angry or emotionally upset in a different way.

Find a way to influence your clients’ emotions – This is the nuts and bolts of using emotional intelligence to make sales. Influencing a clients’ emotions is the most effective way to acquire buy-in from a client on things like list price. To get to this point, you must be able to recognize your clients’ emotions, understand where they come from. You must also be able to manage your own emotions.

The main rule about influencing your clients’ emotions, or anyone’s emotions, is that at all times you must be ethical. You can stray into unethical motives. You can use soft sell techniques, like emotional intelligence, to make hard sales. But, you mustn’t take advantage of your clients’ emotions for a bigger paycheck.

That’s the biggest issue about emotional intelligence. EI is knowledge. It’s about gaining knowledge. EI sales is about gaining knowledge and then using that knowledge to make sales. Straying from being an ethical real estate agent while using emotional intelligence is easy.

Why? It’s easy because selling or purchasing a home for most people is already an emotional undertaking. In all cases, you must be an ethical real estate agent.

This is a good place to end this blog article. As a real estate agent, you must use emotional intelligence to sell. But, it’s important that you understand when emotional intelligence sales leads to unethical sales.

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