14 Things to Send Your Clients to Keep in Touch

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As the name implies, at Home Value Leads we discuss a ton about how to find leads, lead generation, and putting leads into our sphere of influence. We’re also big on providing advice like whether you actually need SEO (Search Engine Optimization), or how much time you should spend on social media.

But, we’re not just about real estate lead generation, website management, and building your sphere of influence. Home Value Leads wants to offer real estate agents relevant advice that they can use to further their careers.  

One of the best ways any real estate agent can further his or her career is to create repeat business. The best way to create repeat business is to keep in touch with past clients.  

15 Ways to Keep in Touch

A couple of facts:  a) 88% say that they’d use the same real estate agent they used before b) only 22% actually do! That tells real estate agents that no matter what, they must periodically keep in contact with their past clients. Check out 15 ways those real estate agents can do that.

  1. Send a copy of their Closing Statement

You should make a habit of sending closing statements to that year’s home buyers. All home buyers need their closing statements because some things on the statement are tax deductible.

Home buyers might call you looking for their closing statements. Why not send it to them before they ask?

  1. Market Statistics Reports are awesome!

Market statistics are a great way to keep touch with past clients. Overall real estate market statistics and local real estate market statistics can both work well.

  1. Clients want to know what their home is worth

Bouncing off number 3, every home owner wants to know how much their property’s worth. Zillow’s become the default, but Zillow isn’t the real estate voice for everyone. Not only that, Zillow provides current information. Most home buyers live in the homes they purchase. Look for other statistics outside of Zillow.

If your client purchased a home in Houston, as an example, find relevant statistics for what might happen to the housing market in the years following Hurricane Harvey.

  1. Who doesn’t like special reports and blogs?

Send relevant blogs or reports to your past clients. Maybe, your past client lives in an area where home prices have skyrocketed after you sold them the house. You could send them something excellent like this blog on Home Value Leads about the 9 Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent. You could start your email by writing about how home prices and that if they’re thinking of selling their home, here’s important information.

You brand yourself an expert, keep yourself top of mind, and let them know that you’re looking out for them even though they haven’t yet decided to go with you if they decide to sell their current home. Those are all good things.  

  1. What’s going on locally?

Always update past clients on what’s going on locally. Make this a priority. The reason local newspapers still exist is the precise reason you should do this. We all think locally even though we’re not aware of it. When it comes to home buyers, they’re all about how much their neighbor’s selling her home, what the home down the street sold for, etc.

  1. Real estate laws constantly change, so, send regulatory news

Real estate laws change all the time. You must keep abreast of those laws. Let your past clients know about both federal and state laws that have changed.

  1. Become a story teller

It never hurts to start an email like, “While helping this young couple purchase their first home, I thought of you…” And then finishing up after telling the story about the couple’s purchase with, “Wanted to make sure things are going well. I’m here if you need information or advice.”

  1. Educate clients about property tax assessment

Clients love when real estate agents help them through difficult subjects. Research property tax assessment, become an expert on property tax assessment. Then, share your knowledge with your past clients.

  1. You can’t go wrong with property maintenance tips

This is always helpful. Whatever new property maintenance tips you discover pass on to your clients. It’s not only a great way to keep in touch, it’s an awesome way to help your past clients.

  1. Send them Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs Value Report

Remodeling Magazine routinely comes out with a Cost vs Value Report. Remodeling Magazinecompares average cost for 21 popular remodeling projects in 149 markets with the value those projects retain at resale in 100 U.S. markets”. That’s relevant information that your clients might want to know.  

  1. Remember…make your stories personal and funny!

No matter what story you tell past, current, or future clients, make sure those stories are personal, interesting, and if possible, funny. Nobody wants to hear a sad story.

  1. Build relationships with local businesses to keep clients informed

Here’s a good one, build relationships with local business and see if you can get discounts for your clients. No way your client goes with a different real estate agent after you’ve gotten them great local deals.

  1. Don’t forget to send anniversary cards

Send anniversary cards. Don’t include your business card because you want all anniversary cards to be personal. Add a personal note to each card telling your client that you know who they are, and you want to know how they’re doing.

  1. Send clients a guide that you wrote

Because you’re a real estate expert, write a personal guide and send that to your past clients. If you can make the guide more relevant to those clients, the better. This takes work, and some real estate agents aren’t great at writing.

You could hire someone to write a guide for you. Or, you could cobble together the most relevant stories you find on the internet and then send that to your client. Send it in hard copy form via mail. Make it something they can put on their coffee tables.

Once you’ve sold a house, your goal becomes to remain those buyers’ real estate agent. Refer back to the 14 steps we list here to keep them thinking of you. Also, always let your sincerity shine through. People will notice.

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