Ways to Use Virtual Reality in Real Estate

Renae Virata | December 21, 2016 | Best Practices, Marketing

Ways to Use Virtual Reality in Real EstateThe holidays brought a recent surge in accessible and affordable virtual reality (VR) platforms. Google and Samsung have headsets into which you “click” in their respective phones and start the 3D experience in a snap.

Real estate quickly jumped on the bandwagon with a variety of available software to create these VR experiences to help sell properties. Matterport is one such technology we touched upon, for example, that puts the power of creating 3D presentations in agents’ hands. Another VR service provider we found is VR Global out of New York.

While we could talk about the virtues of VR in real estate, what we really want to focus on in this post is bring that VR experience to leads and clients to drive business.

Event Booth

Have you ever had a booth at a local event only to find that you did not have too much to offer besides property flyers and a friendly face (which can go a long way, don’t get us wrong)? People love interactive booths, and VR can give you that dynamic presence.

Make sure that you have clear signage at your booth or table that encourages people to see properties as if they are really there. In other words, a strong and concise call to action. It’s just as important to include verbiage in any collateral prior to the event to invite people to visit your booth for the VR experience.

If people are slow to come to your booth, walk around with your headset and get people excited to take a look.

On-the-Fly Marketing

This might seem weird at first, but bringing your headset with you wherever you go could help you market properties to impromptu leads. If you are at a networking event, for example, and start talking about a property to someone and the environment is conducive to whipping out the headset, then by all means, go for it.

Make sure you stay safe with your equipment, however, and either leave them hidden away in the trunk if not on you or bring with you whenever possible.

Open House

This might seem counterintuitive, and we caution to use discretion, but why not bring your VR headset to one of your open houses? We suggest only bringing it out when a prospective buyer asks if you have other similar houses for sale in the area, for example.

If you represent a builder with multiple available properties, then absolutely share your 3D presentations with visitors. It gives them a much quicker way to take a look at multiple properties as you compare fixtures and features at the open house property and can help possible quicken the sales cycle. If there is a 3D rendering of a future home, then this is a good opportunity to show a property to more buyers before it even gets built!

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Renae Virata