Use Your Real Estate Marketing Umbrella for Protection

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We recently published a blog on ways to encourage social media engagement. One of the reasons we published the blog was to showcase the fact that even though real estate agents like you might have social media accounts and might post social media messages, it does no good if all you get back are the sounds of crickets.

After publishing the blog we began to think about the whole marketing umbrella. A marketing umbrella includes all of the marketing things that you do to help build your real estate agent brand. The umbrella doesn’t just includes those things. It protects your social media reputation the way umbrellas protect you from the sun and rain.

Check out some key features of what your real estate agent marketing umbrella should protect.

Your Real Estate Marketing Umbrella Exists to Protect:

Social Media Reputation

The most obvious is social media reputation. Your social media messages should always build your brand or educate your audience. They should never offend. Once you offend, you could end up a social media pariah.

Think about the recent case of Kevin Hart who lost the job of hosting this year’s Oscars because of something he tweeted a decade ago. Always consider your social media reputation. Protect  your social media reputation with your marketing umbrella.

The way you can protect your social media reputation under your marketing umbrella is by sticking to  your real estate agent brand.

Protecting Your Social Media Reputation Includes…

Use the following to protect your social media reputation. All 3 are under your marketing umbrella.

A great pre-listing presentation

The pre-listing presentation might be the most important way to protect your social media reputation. Once you create a great pre-listing presentation, post it onto your website, and promote it through the social media outlets you use, your social media reputation, heck, your overall reputation as a serious real estate agent can’t be touched.

Don’t just post your pre-listing presentation, of course. Ask feedback from a select group of your followers on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Also, update your pre-listing presentation once in a while. Every time you update, let your followers know.

Thank your followers for all relevant criticism. Just ignore the trolls. The last thing you want do is get into a battle with someone who’s main goal is to shut you down.

Great word of mouth marketing

Great word of mouth marketing protects you in all sorts of ways. It especially protects your social media reputation because great word of mouth marketing can lead to important positive reviews about your real estate agent skills.

Definitely don’t skip this point. It could backfire on you if you let it. Always follow up with bad word of mouth that shows up on any of your social media sites. Bad word of mouth can get out of hand. So, make sure to address it unless it comes from an aforementioned troll.

And various touchpoints

By various marketing touchpoints, we’re talking about the email templates that you have access to with a Home Value Leads account. Don’t get out of control, but you can take some of those touchpoint emails and turn them into social media messages.

Consider doing so. Work with the emails to create overall messages that you can post onto your social media sites. Take your time with this. The first email you create probably won’t be your best.

You want to encourage social media engagement, but you must also be very protective of your social media reputation. Make sure to use your marketing umbrella to protect your social media reputation.

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