Unique October Holidays Agents Can Promote

Renae Virata | September 11, 2017 | Marketing

Unique October Holidays Agents Can PromoteAs we celebrate Halloween, Columbus Day and, for many students and families Fall Break during October, we also have a whole month’s worth of unique daily celebrations. Some are delicious, others practical and still some downright strange.

As a real estate agent, you have a lot of unique nationally recognized holidays that your marketing audiences would love to know about. Pick one or more that speak to you and use them to bring some spice to next month’s content calendar.

October 7 – National LED Light Day

What homeowner doesn’t appreciate this innovative light source? LED lights provide so many benefits for homes and businesses alike:

  • The lighting it provides is clean, comforting, secure and of higher quality compared to other types of light.
  • They consume less power, are more reliable than other light sources and have a longer lifespan.
  • They need to be changed less often and use electricity more efficiently, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Celebrate this day by writing a post on the benefits of LED lights for homeowners and maybe doing a comparison to typical light bulbs.

October 12 – National Farmer’s Day

This is a wonderful day to honor the farmers who grow the food that we put on our tables every day. While it may not be consistently celebrated on October 12, designating a day at all is a much deserved observance.

Many communities have farmers markets to share fresh, locally grown fruits, vegetables, grains and products. They are a wonderful departure from grocery store fare and a much more fun and memorable experience. Why not share a map of your city’s farmers markets along with the dates they are open for the season? You can also include one or two standout offerings from each market that your audience can look out for while they visit.

October 16 – National Dictionary Day

For all you logophiles (lovers of words) out there, National Dictionary Day is a must-celebrate holiday. In honor of Noah Webster’s birthday (publisher of the ever popular American dictionary), this day reminds everyone about the importance of learning new words.

The real estate industry is fraught with terminology that many first-time buyers and sellers have never heard of or understand. You can align the opportunity to educate your audience with this holiday by providing a vocabulary list of real estate terms in a blog post. Take it one step further and, for the week of October 16, provide a real estate “Word of the Day” on social media.

October 22 – National Color Day

This is a fun day to highlight in your content as part of a decor-themed focus. Color is prevalent in much of a new homeowner’s decisions. Whether it’s what to paint a room, accent colors to use or a hue to freshen up a home’s exterior, deciding on a color has crossed a buyer or seller’s mind at least once.

Your audience will appreciate a post on the latest color trends for the season or perhaps the hot neutral color to paint walls. Many people like to change up their homes with a new front door color, too.

This is a wonderful opportunity to include a guest post. Contact an interior designer or local paint store expert you know. Ask them to provide their best advice for the “now” colors or color combinations for homes today.


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Renae Virata