Unique January Holidays for Agents to Promote

Renae Virata | December 8, 2017 | Marketing

Unique January Holidays for Agents to PromoteIt’s a new month and a new year! The past few months have already brought so many different celebrations. As always, National Day Calendar has a host of other unique holidays this January that you can share with your different marketing audiences.

Bring some lightheartedness to their day or introduce you and your business in a unique light by promoting the following official and unofficial celebrations.

January 4 – National Trivia Day

Maybe it’s the cozy days of lazy splendor following a month of constant family, friends and work parties, but doesn’t National Trivia Day sound heavenly? Imagine breaking out Trivial Pursuit with the gang. Or, when it comes to your real estate marketing, you can dish out unique trivia questions for your social media, web and newsletter audiences.

Social media is an especially good medium to highlight National Trivia Day. In honor of this fun holiday, come up with ten trivia questions about your farm or market to post in the morning then share the answers later that day. Ask people to share their answers in the comments section and run a contest around it. It may just be a wonderful way to get people engaged and visiting your social media feeds.

January 9 – National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

They do so much for our communities every day, whether it’s lending a helping hand or protecting us. We’re talking about our local, state and national law enforcement teams. And there’s a day dedicated to celebrating and honoring their work, too.

On National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, show your support by highlighting local officers in your farm or market. You can also share photos from past events that show officers volunteering with or working with you at events. These are perfect to share on social media.

You can also contact your local law enforcement to learn who your farm’s local officer is with his or her contact information and even tips on how to stay safe from them.

January 10 – National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

What better month than January to highlight ways to cut energy costs for homeowners? Between heating the home and increased usage do to staying indoors more, you can be a resource for people and remind them how to be good stewards of energy in their homes.

Here are a few ideas to share with your audiences on social media, your blog and your newsletter. Feel free to expound on any in particular or to focus on a specific area of energy conservation.

  • Weatherproof your home
  • Replace old windows with new energy-efficient windows
  • Replace old furnace with new energy-efficient furnace
  • Properly maintain furnace
  • Use solar heat if possible
  • Turn down thermostats
  • Turning off lights when leaving a room
  • Use energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs
  • Run dishwasher and washing machine only when fully loaded
  • Lower water heater temperature
  • Take shorter showers
  • Unplug unused appliances
  • Carpool whenever possible

3rd Thursday Every Quarter – Get to Know Your Customers Day

This may not be an important day to your clients per se, but it could be a great way to engage with them. Understanding and knowing the needs of your clients is important in real estate. You can “celebrate” this day by using the marketing to elicit information from leads and clients.

Start off on social media or your newsletter by leading with “It’s YOUR day!” Then ask a bunch of questions in the spirit of the day and with the intention to get to know what your clients need from you. It’s also a great way to complete profiles and contact information that you are missing.

January 27 – National Chocolate Cake Day

Perhaps one of the most delicious holidays of the year is National Chocolate Cake Day. Who doesn’t love this classic dessert (and do we really need a holiday to have a piece)? This is one of the more fun and whimsical holidays to promote in your social media, newsletters and blog. Simply post an image of you and perhaps a colleague enjoying a piece with a greeting or share your favorite recipe or local eatery to get a piece of chocolate cake.

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Renae Virata