How to Be an Un-Salesy Agent

Renae Virata | April 17, 2017 | Marketing

How to Be an Un-Salesy AgentWith spring in full swing, it’s time to make sure you get your name out there as a real estate agent. The competition is high these days, so the usual postcards, ads and the like are as important as ever. However, in order to truly stand out among the crowd, agents should learn how to be an “un-salesy” agent. That is, how to be a go-to resource and build relationships in the community!

We’ve mentioned before several ways to do balance the direct promotions with a more subtle approach and thought this was a good a time as ever to refresh your memory and share it all in one go.

Participate in the Community

The more potential clients meet you, the more they will remember what you do and how you can help in the future. It’s not enough to show up once or twice in a blue moon at community events, you really need to ensure you have constant in-person exposure to your audience.

Here are a few ways you can participate in your community and generate more leads this spring:

  • Volunteer at local events. Whether its the community garage sale, at your place of worship or with the local school, find events where you’ll be able to meet many people in your target demographic or farm. Be genuine and volunteer for a cause that truly means something to you and because you want to make a difference.
  • If your farm is your neighborhood, then become an active member of the HOA. This is a great opportunity for people to become accustomed to what you do and to ask for advice on a regular basis – and even make the move to list or buy!
  • Sponsor the local little league or other event. Besides the brand exposure, you should be getting out to meet people when you sponsor. That connection to the event is one event goers and leaders respect, so don’t just let your logo do all the talking.

Partner with Local Businesses

Who are the local business owners in your neighborhood with whom it would make sense to partner with? Try the local hardware store, bank, decorator, tax accountant or other professional that relates to your business in some way.

How can you partner with them? Do a joint seminar on a topic you can both talk about, provide ads in each other’s publications, go in together on a sponsorship or ad, host a community get together…the possibilities are endless.

Write Guest Posts

If you like to write, then share your real estate expertise and perspective wherever you can. Weekly neighborhood papers, HOA newsletters, even local bloggers are always looking for fresh content from experts in different fields. Real estate will always be a hot topic, so you may not only find that editors and publishers welcome you on board, your audience will appreciate what you have to say as well.

Be sure to stick to a calendar of posts, make them timely and make sure you are able to include a bio that states your real estate business, website and/or email.

Share Free Information

People always love getting free advice and information, so be sure to share give them what they want! Create beautiful reports using a simple online tool like Canva with graphs and bullet points on local market statistics.

Some specific statistics to share include:

  • Year-to-year comparison of neighborhood home prices, number of houses sold and average days on the market.
  • Buyer activity demonstrated by a comparison of showings to actual sales in the neighborhood.
  • For sellers, they’d likely love to see metrics on median home sales and the percentage of closings over the past year or even few months.
  • Price per square foot, current inventory, etc.
  • Besides data, you could also show a local map of all the listings in the area.
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Renae Virata