Two Items to Send Past Real Estate Clients Now

Renae Virata | January 4, 2016 | Marketing

Two Things to Send Past Real Estate Clients at the Start of the YearThe first of the year has come and gone. What better time to follow up with your past real estate clients than now? Along with a greeting for the new year, you can help keep you and your real estate business at the top of their minds by sending the one of two key documents that they will be pleasantly surprised to receive. This can also help generate more referrals throughout the year.

Following up with your clients is a cornerstone of your referral network. The efforts you put forth will keep the lines of communication open and keep you top of mind with those for whom you’ve already brought success and encourage them to send more leads your way. Here are two items you can send past clients.

HUD-1 or Closing Statement

With the start of the year comes thoughts of preparing taxes for April. A great favor that you can do for your past clients is to send them their HUD-1 or closing statement from their real estate transactions. It helps you start the year off strong in regards to referrals. It also sends the message to your clients that you care beyond the transaction and that you are continually looking out for them. It’s the ultimate in building relationships to go above and beyond your initial services.

In addition to sending the HUD-1 or closing statement, be sure to follow up with an inquiry as to how things are going for them since they sold or bought their homes. A bonus is if you refer to something related to their transaction that let’s them know that you were listening and that you are interested in their entire experience. The less “sale-sy” you can come off through any interaction you have with your clients, past and present, the better, and this is a great way to achieve that.

Advice on How to Challenge Property Tax Assessments

Clients from the past year who sold a home with you is easy to follow up with, but what about clients you have had two or more years ago? You can open up the lines of communication with them, too, by providing advice on how to challenge their property tax assessments. Many homeowners think about this but may not be familiar about what it means or how to go about it. Educate them and send them a guide on how to do it.

Most real estate agents have done this for their own properties, and if you have, then you can give an even more personal touch by providing first-hand experience on how to provide this challenge. Some information to include: resources, forms, hints, contacts, steps and deadlines. You can also draw up a CMA for them that will be helpful for them to submit along with their forms.

Again, you will show your past clients that you were never there just for the commission but truly looking out for them well after the transaction took place. You’ll help your clients save money (don’t forget to remind them of this important point!), which they won’t forget.

These are just two examples of reports you can send your past real estate clients to continue to build on the relationship you already have with them. The more you can show your clients you care beyond their initial transactions with you, the more they will feel that you are an agent that they would like to refer to others. Try it and let us know if it worked for you!

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Renae Virata