Top 5 Things Great Great Virtual Staging Software Must Do

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Our main goal at Home Value Leads is to, you guessed it, help real estate agents generate leads. Generating leads is the only way to find homes that real estate agents can sell. Selling homes is the only real way for real estate agents to make money.

We’re so intent on helping you find leads that many of our blogs are about discovering and implementing ways to generate profit making leads. But, we also intend on educating real estate agents on the great ways to generate their own leads outside of our help.

One of those ways to generate leads is to virtually stage homes. Although necessary, traditional home staging can be costly. That’s why most real estate agents use virtual staging software to stage their homes for sale.

The good part of using software is that it saves real estate agents a ton of money. It also works with today’s home buyers. Most home buyers these days are used to using the internet to find what they want. Virtual home staging has become sort of an expectation instead of an outlier.

Before going online and buying virtual staging software, though, real estate agents must do their due diligence. Not all virtual staging software will work for a real estate agent’s needs. Check out what makes effective virtual staging software.

Check out the top 5 things great virtual staging software does:

1. Supports what you’re trying to accomplish

The only reason to purchase any software for anything is if it helps us complete tasks. When it comes to virtual staging, we should have an idea of what we’re trying to accomplish. Because we don’t want to continually purchase virtual staging software, it will help if we write down exactly what we expect to accomplish from our virtual staging software.

Not all virtual staging software is the same. Some provide benefits, like customer service, while others don’t. Also, virtual staging software interfaces are different. So, always consider the software you purchase in conjunction with what you intend on doing with it.

2. Provides images that don’t go out of style

Once you start virtually staging homes for sale, you’re going to learn rather quickly that what was hot and in last year isn’t necessarily hot and in this year. Sometimes, styles change in the matter of months. Not only that, but you must always consider your audience.

Who’s your audience? That’s easy. Your audience is anybody who might purchase the home you’re virtually staging. That’s it. Your audience isn’t anybody else outside of those individuals. Sounds easy enough, right?

Nope. Because you have no idea who might see your virtually staged home for sale, you have no idea in what style to stage your home. That means you must think about purchasing virtual staging software that includes images that never go out of style.

It’s really the only way to ensure you virtually stage a home for sale that won’t turn off any buyers. You must use images that cross styles without being boring.

3. Easy to use

Not all virtual staging software interfaces are the same. Hopefully, you get a chance to try out a few interfaces before settling on the right staging software for you. Some interfaces are easy to use while other interfaces take more time.

Don’t just settle on ease of use interface software, though. By easy to use, we mean everything. It can just be easy to use without excellent images. It can’t be difficult to use with great images. Ease of use, means the whole package: great interface that allows you to virtually stage a home without any trouble and provides the necessary images.

Any virtual staging software that provides one without the other will be a waste of time and money.

4. Realizes it’s only a tool

The very best virtual staging software knows that it’s only a tool. By this we mean that the best virtual staging software doesn’t make decisions for you. Instead, it allows you, the real estate agent, to make those decisions.

That makes sense when you think about it. If a real estate agent uses the same virtual staging software as everyone else and that virtual staging software makes decisions for the real estate agent, the idea of home staging as art goes out the window.

You always want to maintain control. Choose a virtual staging software that’s a tool, not the final word in staging.

5. Provides assistance and direction

The best virtual staging software most definitely realizes it’s a tool, but it doesn’t just present itself and that’s it. The absolute best virtual staging software realizes it’s a tool, but also provides a fair amount of assistance and direction.

Most real estate agents don’t have an innate ability to home stage. That means for most real estate agents, they must spend some time learning the best way to stage homes for sale. This is true even if they employ software to virtually stage their homes.

The very best virtual staging software realizes it’s a tool, but also provides some assistance and direction. Once a real estate agent becomes adept at virtually staging homes, the agent can then disregard any type of assistance or direction. Getting to that point could take time, though.

All virtual staging software isn’t the same. Some provide benefits that others don’t. Before buying any virtual staging software, make sure to reread this blog. Also, make sure to do your due diligence before purchasing any virtual staging software.

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