Top 5 Features Home Buyers are Looking For

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When it comes to listing presentations, real estate agents must discuss 3 important things: market time, price positioning, and the marketing plan. Of the 3 absolutes for every listing presentation price positioning is the most important. By price positioning, real estate agents don’t just mean initial price when the home hits the market. They also mean how to price position a home that’s been on the market for a while.

Getting back to initial price, often arguments with sellers regarding initial price leads to a less than optimal starting home price. As any one of your real estate agent peers will tell you, the longer a home stays on the market, the harder it will be to sell the home.

There’s good news, though. Even if a seller has a price in mind and won’t budge on price, real estate agents can try to get as close to the sellers price as possible by thinking about features. Check out the Top 6 features home buyers are looking for right now.

Top 5 Features Home Buyers Will Pay For

  1. A laundry room

Home buyers want some place separate from their living space where they can do their laundry. A separate laundry room could significantly help real estate agents come up with a price close to what the seller wants.

  1. Buyers want exterior lighting

Safety is of the utmost concern. Burglars are less likely to try and enter a home with exterior lighting. If the home has exterior lights, agents can raise the price of the home closer to what the seller wants to ask.

  1. Energy efficient appliances and windows

Buyers are cognizant of energy cost. Many also want to contribute to the environment in some way. Homes with existing energy efficient appliances and windows are more attractive to buyers than homes where they must install energy efficient appliances.

  1. Rooms with ceiling fans are attractive to home buyers

Ceiling fans allow residents to shut off the air conditioning. That not only saves money, it also saves energy, and it’s good for the environment. Ceiling fans can also be aesthetically pleasing because what else can you put onto a room ceiling?

  1. Patios

Most people love the idea of hanging out on the backyard patio. A patio screams entertaining, which is what many home buyers like. Patios could be a great features that allows real estate agents to get closer to the seller’s price.

Those are just the Top 5 features that home buyers look for. There are plenty of other features. A new kitchen, as an example, could significantly increase the cost of a home. Clean garages are also a big plus while no potential buyer wants to purchase a home with dirt as a lawn.

The bottom line is that instead of arguing with home sellers on price, real estate agents can use features to try and get as close as possible to the seller’s price. The Top 5 features that home buyers want are:  a separate laundry room, exterior lighting, energy efficient appliances and windows, ceiling fans, and a backyard patio.

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