Three Ways to Repurpose Real Estate Content

Renae | December 17, 2015 | Marketing, Search Engine Optimization For Real Estate

Three Ways to Repurpose Real Estate ContentWhen it comes to creating your blog and deciding what to post on social media, sometimes you might get a little stuck coming up with more valuable information to share with your followers. An easy way to expand your content is to repurpose it in a few different ways. Below are three ways to do more with what you have to reach more people and do some important link-building for your website.

Create a White Paper or Guide

As a real estate agent, you have a wealth of information that you can group together to create a white paper or guide that homeowners, whether they are sellers or buyers, can find helpful. For example, you might have several blogposts that you have written that include information on how to stage your home. One post could have been about why it’s important. Another are some unique ways to stage your home with the furniture you have. Even more can include how to pare down to the staging essentials or hiring a staging company to help if you have moved.

Look at all the information you have on just this one topic! You can simply copy each post and pasted into a Word doc, making sure each section has an appropriate heading that is bolded. You can then include the same images for each section to give it a little more design, include a heading and concluding paragraph, a title page and voila – instant white paper.

You can then entice people who happen upon your website to sign up to receive your newsletter, offering the white paper as a freebie for doing so. If you have several topics that you can put together like this, you have several different white papers that you can offer at different times to keep your audience thoroughly informed on a regular basis and to capture those visitors who may not have been moved to sign up with a previous white paper.

Develop an Infographic

You probably have a ton of statistics regarding your area of focus. Gather the information into an infographic and use as a new blog post with information breaking down what’s in it, share on social media and even include it in a white paper, if its relevant.

To create an infographic, you don’t need to be a graphic designer. You can create infographics using a low-cost online tool like Canva and just input the information and choose relevant illustrations to share your points.

Create a Slidedeck

You’ve probably run across the need to create a Powerpoint presentation at one time or another in your real estate career. Slidedecks like this are great for creating content from blog posts that contain more graphics and stats in a format that is easy to navigate and is naturally organized.

To create your slidedeck, gather together the information you’d like to share and organize them into the appropriate slides. This is where imagery is important so you don’t have to include too much copy. Think of your slidedeck as more visual and illustrative in nature – in other words, your pictures should say a thousand words here.

Slidedecks can be as little as 10 pages or as much as 30. Don’t go too crazy, though, and make sure you run your slidedeck by someone close to you or at the office so it makes sense for your audience. Then upload to Slideshare for more visibility online as well as include on your website and share on social media.

If you find that you are running out of ways to communicate what you know through all of your different channels, try to repurpose your content. Repurposing content is a good practice to do often so that you generate valuable information to your online visitors and social media followers. The more you can hash out a topic and break it down, the more your expertise as an agent will shine.


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