Think You Don’t Need a Professional Headshot? Think Again!

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There are so many things that real estate agents must consider when they first meet a potential client. Providing a great first impression is necessary because it allows you to lay the framework for a working relationship with the client. It’s also important to communicate the right way. Some clients prefer text messages. Other clients prefer email messages.

First impressions, follow-up messaging, and deciding to use texts or emails to communicate with clients are all important. What’s also important, and something that many real estate agents might not even be aware of, is getting a professional headshot.

Some real estate agents might not want to spend the money on a professional headshot. We’re here to tell you that a professional headshot will go a long way in getting you closer to representing clients.

Check out some advantages you acquire from a professional headshot.

Advantages Professional Headshots Provide Real Estate Agents
We got all advantages of a professional headshot below from Creative Complex’s site. We’ve added why the advantage is important to you, a real estate agent.

  1. It presents a professional appearance – There’s a lot of money involved when buying or selling a house. For most clients, it’s the most money they will ever spend. Ever. That means you must provide a professional appearance. If you don’t, home buyers and sellers are more likely to go with one of your competitors.
  2. You will use it everywhere on the Internet – Alex Miranda, who wrote the blog on Creative Complex, makes this excellent point. You will use your professional head shot everywhere on the Internet. Not only that, but you will use your professional headshot on your business cards as well as all marketing materials. The word to use is reinforcement. The various times potential clients see your headshot will reinforce your image. That reinforces you as the real estate agent to go with.
  3. People study faces – This is a hugely important reason for real estate agents to get a professional head shot. People study faces. The very first first impression is when potentials see your face. It’s not when they first meet you. If you want to provide the best possible first impression right away, a professional headshot ensures that.
  4. Professional photographers can make you look good – Not all of us are photogenic. Most of us aren’t naturally photogenic. That’s why every actor and model on the planet gets professional headshots.

You’re not an actor or model. You aren’t selling your look. You’re starting to sell something with your professional headshot, though. What you’re starting to sell is this: “I can help you find your dream home.” Or, this, “I can help you sell your home for the highest possible price.”

The last thing to discuss is cost. Professional headshots aren’t always cheap. But, there are individual photographers that most likely live in your area. Individually run photography businesses are more likely to give you a discount.

Why? Just like you, the real estate agent, individual professional photographers want to develop long-lasting relationships with clients.

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