The Other Side of Agent Referral Partnerships

Renae | February 3, 2017 | Best Practices

Do You Pay Agents to Show or Keep a House Open?We’ve talked before to real estate professionals about their referral networks with providers such as mortgage professionals, contractors and others who are pivotal to the home buying or selling process. We learned how they formed these relationships, what made them successful and their benefits.

We wondered – what do providers value in their relationships with real estate agents and brokers and how does a successful one look in their eyes?

Mark Ventrone, President at ABLEnding, Inc., an asset-based lender, shares his insights with us. We hope it helps as you forge new business connections and grow your business through outside leads!

How do you partner with real estate agents? 

“I have an extensive database of past clients and  professional partners.  My network extends throughout cities all across Arizona and California, the states in which we do business.  These contacts, along with my online presence and branding, brings in new clients from all over that I am able to refer back to my real estate agents in these cities.

“I also provide valuable marketing tools and flyers with cutting edge mortgage products that open opportunities for the agents to attract a larger pool of buyer.  One example is a 1-percent-down conventional loan product!”

What benefits do you enjoy in the relationship?
“For me, it is all about the customer.  Buying a home is a big financial decision and can be a stressful one.  The most rewarding thing is to make the process as seamless and efficient as possible and secure on time financing for the buyers.  This also eliminates any stress for the sellers as well!  When you partner with a like minded agent, it creates the opportunity for a client for life and more referrals.”

What benefits does your real estate partner enjoy?
“My agents enjoy knowing that I am available to them and their clients 7 days per week.  If they need a pre-qualification letter on a Sunday evening, they will get it.  Additionally, not only are they getting the lowest rates and costs for their client, they are getting immediate responses to emails and phone calls from a lender that has 250+ Five Star reviews on Zillow.  Agents can feel confident that their clients will be treated properly and close on time…..every time!”

Do you work with multiple agents?
“Yes. We hold licenses for the entire state in Arizona and California, so I have agents in all geographic areas of those states.”

What success have you or your partner agents seen with these types of relationships?
“Success to me is defined by referrals and repeat business.  That only happens when you take care of the customer!  I am very proud of all of my 250+ Five Star reviews on Zillow.  Sharing those with my partners is invaluable.”

What makes a successful promotional partnership with a real estate agent?
“Simply stated….a happy client that becomes a client for life.”

What do you expect from the real estate agent(s) you partner with?
“Teamwork, communication, and dedication to the buyer/client.  The closer you work together, the more efficient and seamless the transaction will be for all parties and that ultimately means a happy customer.”

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