The Latest Apps for Real Estate

Renae Virata | September 11, 2015 | Marketing, Real Estate Technology Product Reviews

The Latest Apps for Your Real Estate BusinessIf you’ve been keeping up with the latest real estate news, then you might have noticed that every other article seems to be about some new technology developed that real estate agents can use. It can be pretty overwhelming to follow! But if you’re looking for a few new apps for real estate to help give your services a little bit more of an edge, then check out these cool new technologies.

Seek Thermal

The camera on your smartphone is not just for taking pictures of properties for clients anymore. With an app called Seek Thermal, it can now be a thermal camera, too. You can look for problems beyond what the naked eye can detect such as water damage, air leaks, missing insulation, electrical shorts and loose wiring. The benefit for a buyer’s agent is that you can make sure that you address any issues for your client with the seller and his agent and possibly negotiate the selling price. The benefit for a seller’s agent is that you can determine any issues prior to selling a home and take care of them just in time and more cost effectively.


Staging helps a prospective buyer better visualize living in a new home better, but it can be costly to rent furniture or to hire a staging company. Staging software has been around for years, but you either needed a lot of dough or some serious computer design skills to use them. Enter Rooomy, an app launched this year that helps you turn 2D images of empty rooms into homey-looking 3D living spaces. Because the app pulls furniture and decor from existing retailers’ catalogs, you or your client can bring a home to life in an instant.


This is a favorite for small business owners who don’t have the talent to create their own flyers and postcards or the money to hire someone else to do it. With thousands of designs, layouts and images to choose from, Canva makes it super easy to create a good-looking marketing piece at a serious fraction of the cost. You can even upload your own images, change fonts and placement and share your images on social media through the platform. It might take some time to get a good handle on coming up with a design at first (that’s the hard part!), but Canva’s customer service is proactive in helping you get set up and started and provides great tutorials to boot.


Video has been a strong tool for real estate agents, but Periscope has taken it to a whole other level. With this latest app, you can actually do a live stream at, say, an open house or at a property as soon as it is listed to share with interested buyers. Periscope will actually tweet out to your followers when your live so you can have an audience available at your fingertips. It gives a great behind-the-scenes feel to your real estate business and could help you create more excitement around a new home. You can even use it as an opportunity to connect potential sellers as kind of a webinar to educate them on the home selling process.

The real estate industry is seeing a rapid influx of technologies that agents can use to improve communications with clients and drive their marketing efforts. See what works for you and let us know what apps you’ve found that have been helpful to your real estate business.

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Renae Virata