Texting Works…But, Don’t Forget About Your Emails

homevalueleads | April 5, 2018 | Best Practices

Last week we wrote about how helping people was one of the reasons you wanted to become a real estate agent. Because texting is immediate, it provides a level of customer service, which in turn helps people, that email can’t. Although that’s true, it doesn’t mean that agents shouldn’t email clients.

In fact, in some cases, email is the best way to communicate with clients. See below for some ways email might work better for you, the real estate agent, to communicate with some of your clients as opposed to text.

Situations Where Email is Better than Texting
If a client must see documents, make sure to email the documents instead of texting.

It doesn’t always happen, but there could be a situation where a client wishes to see documents before they’re finalized. In these situations, it’s great to email. It makes no sense to text because not everyone has a phone where they can view texted documents.

Plus, not everyone likes to view documents on their smartphones.

If a client has a job where texting doesn’t make sense, don’t text, email.

Not all clients are able to check their texts as often as they’re able to check their emails. For example, what if your client is an athlete that trains every day? It’s unlikely the athlete will stop to check her text (or email, really) until she’s done training. At that point, she will go to her texts first. Then, she will go to her email.

The best way for a real estate agent to handle this communication situation is to text that you’ve sent the client an email. Then, put everything you wish the client to read in the email. Remember, you’re not the only one who texts your clients.

Allow your client to go through all her texts first so that she can concentrate on your email.

If what you wish to communicate can wait, don’t text, email

Not all texts require an immediate response. In fact, most texts don’t require an immediate response. But, all texts insinuate that an immediate response is required. That’s why it’s important for real estate agents to communicate via email, or phone if necessary, unless there’s something that absolutely requires an immediate response. What would require an immediate response from a client? Check out a partial list:

  • You’ve found a house a buyer might want to see.
  • You’ve found a buyer for a seller.
  • You’ve discovered something that must be taken care of regarding a current deal.
  • You feel it’s necessary to contact your client for some other customer related thing (maybe, you mentioned a great restaurant the last time you saw them, and you want to text your client the link to the restaurant.)

A Final Word: Real Estate Agents Must Use Common Sense

Use common sense. Deciding on when to use email or text is all about common sense. Also, know your clients. They may or may not be able to read your texts due to their job, a family situation, or just because they don’t like reading texts.

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