Why Texting More Than Emailing Often Works

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For real estate agents, texting almost always works better than email. If you haven’t noticed this yet, you will as you build your real estate book of business. There are numerous reasons why. We’ve written down a few reasons why texting is better than email. Then, we’ve written down why those reasons are specific to real estate agents.

Why is Texing Better than Email?

We got all this information for David Neild’s fantastic article, What Are the Benfits of Texting Vs. Email?

Texts are immediate – Neil writes that texts are received immediately. Sometimes, there’s a lag with email. Neil also writes that, “SMS messages have more of a sense of urgency, whereas email tends to be information that can be responded to at a later date.”

Relationship to Real Estate: Can you think of a more important immediate situation than buying, or selling a house? Real estate agents often compete with other buyers or sellers. Also, do you want your client to miss out on a great home purchase because they didn’t see your email?

Mobility requires texting – Although Neil points out that all smartphones have built in email software, he also points out that a text can be “sent from any location with a data connection.” Email is also very intrusive. It’s difficult to check email while one is on the go.

Relationship to Real Estate: Many real estate agents must be mobile. They often don’t have the time to check their email all day.

Texts can be brief and to the point – Emails, by their very nature, require more than just a simple, brief statement. Not only that, but there are often more steps to checking email than there is to reading a text.

Relationship to Real Estate: You can’t have a conversation with email because each email is longer than a text. You can converse with your clients via text. This speeds the buying and selling process.

Texts are more secure – In his article, Neild’s says, “Spam messages and group emails have in some ways diluted the impact of email.” Email isn’t nearly as secure as text messages. With email, viruses and what Neild’s calls “malicious links” are prevalent. Viruses and malicious links aren’t prevalent with text messages.

Relationship to Real Estate: As an agent, one of your first priorities is to maintain confidentiality with your customers. Texting is more secure than emailing. That means texting your clients is more secure than emailing your clients. It’s easier for hackers to infiltrate you or your client’s email than it is for hackers to infiltrate you or your client’s text messages.

Communicating via text instead of email provides benefits to both the real estate agent as well as the real estate agent’s clients. Make sure of getting into the habit of texting before emailing when you communicate with your clients.

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