Tell a Story in Your Real Estate Marketing

Renae Virata | May 27, 2015 | Marketing

Tell a Story in Real Estate MarketingYou see the postcards and ads. A real estate agent with a house in the background and all the services that they have. So maybe it’s time to go against the fold and do something different with your real estate marketing: why not tell a story to boost your real estate marketing?

People connect to ads that hit them emotionally or that they can relate to upon first seeing the ad. Just think about all the commercials of late for a slew of products and services you see online and on TV that don’t sell the product directly. They effectively use a personal story or an emotional concept to sell indirectly.

Huffington Post blog post last year made a great point: “…brands need to be less like marketing machines and more like ‘friends’, telling stories and sharing experiences.” Zillow has done a great job of this in the past and here is one of their best TV commercials. Think about how this tells that story and how it makes you FEEL.

So once you have wiped your eyes after watching that, how can you add a more personal, thought-provoking and emotional touch to your real estate ads? Here are a few ideas:

  • Tell a Story About a Client: Have a photo of a client in or in front of his or her home with a compelling statement about what the sale you helped them make meant to them. This could
  • Revitalizing a Neighborhood: Has your recent roster of home sales been in neighborhoods that are in the midst of revitalization? Then speak to prospects hearts by showcasing your efforts to improve the local economy or a particular neighborhood. Mention in an artful way that you help find or sell “diamonds in the rough” or are one of the first agents to sell properties in a new, hot or up-and-coming area.
  • Tell a Story About You: Maybe you have a great story as to why you became an agent in the first place. Did you feel certain pains from as a selling or buying client yourself that compelled you to become a real estate agent? Or are you on a mission to change the way real estate is done? Or maybe you have a particular way that you work with clients. Pick the one that most represents you and make that your brand.

Now that you have an idea of what kinds of angles your emotional real estate marketing can take, how do you go about planning this campaign?

First, consider the topics above and make a list. Just jot down your ideas and thoughts without too much deep thought. The more you write, the more you can pull from.

Then step away from your list and let it meld for a bit. You might come up with more to add to your list now that you have your brain going. This break is also a good time for the “a-ha” moment to come to you.

Once you come back to your list, pick one and stick with it for a while, at least for a few months. Find a short and a little bit longer way to tell your story. Employ the help of friends and family to review it or to help you write it (especially the writing/marketing/creative experts in your life).

Pick a good image and make sure it matches your message. Then bring them together (again, asking friends and family for help if you need it) and apply it to your advertising avenues of choice.

Great storytelling doesn’t just work in magazines and books – it can work for real estate marketing, too! It can help you stand out amongst the noise of same-old same-old ads and help you connect better with the clients who will likely turn into the best leads.

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Renae Virata