Take Control of Your Next Listing Presentation

Renae Virata | August 10, 2015 | Best Practices

Take Control of Your Next Listing PresentationYou’ve made it: The listing presentation. Now that you have the seller in front of you, smooth sailing, right? Well, not quite. 🙂 In order to truly make your meeting worth its weight in gold, make sure you give yourself some solid footing and establish your credibility from the start to turn that lead into your next client!

As every agent knows, it’s important to start with your need, features and benefits statements. It’s standard sales protocol to establish or create the need with the seller to give them a real reason to stick with you beyond representation. Understanding the motivation of the seller is key at this point. Having understood the seller’s qualified motivation, let them know how you can meet their needs. Paint a picture with examples of similar situation.

Then establish how you are different. What do you do that other agents don’t? Give the seller something to chew on that they may not have thought of in regards to what a real estate agent – you in particular – can and should do for them.

Many sellers believe that your only role as a real estate agent is to determine the price or value of their home. They may even “threaten” you with something like, “We’ll list with you at the right price.” Stand your ground! Equate the right price with the market value of the home. Establish the fact that you, as an agent, have nothing to do with actual value of the home and that your role in that is to merely read what the market dictates.

Counter with good advice: The highest asking price does not a good agent make but one who offers the best services and marketing plan. Remind them that, from your experience, a high asking price can bring disappointment when the house doesn’t sell (and market age, which is death for the sale of any home!). They’ll find it refreshing that you’d rather pass on their business than risk their disappointment at your hands. The truth may hurt, but it does matter most.

Once you get to the pricing part of your listing presentation, take a little break. Stroll around the property, take some photos. Take the time to understand the seller’s situation and motivation to sell as soon as possible. If you can get to the pricing conversation during a second call, all the better! Let the seller know that in order to give them the most accurate price, you can provide them a more detailed market analysis than the one you have with you. Then show them where homes priced too high have stayed on the market for an inordinately long time. Facts don’t lie, and neither should you!

By establishing trust, rapport and providing good advice to the seller, you should be able to gain their business without a hitch. But if the seller insists on pricing his house above market, politely decline and don’t be afraid to move on!


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Renae Virata