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Swaha Photo StoriesReal estate agents in today’s world have no choice but to step up their game when promoting properties. The best way, as we’ve mentioned in numerous posts, is to showcase what you have to offer than through good real estate videos and photos. We recently discovered a new tool called Swaha Photo Stories that allows you to do both at the same time.

I recently had the pleasure of talking to Patrick Talley, the founder and CEO of the innovative new photo story-telling app Swaha, a great new tool that quickly takes real estate photos and overlays them with your voice to tell the story of a property, all through the convenience and ease of your smart phone. Swaha is a Sanskrit word used at the end of a mantra to send it off. Literally, Swaha means “well said.”

I interviewed Mr. Talley to give us some insight into Swaha, how he started this free app (available from the iTunes store), and how you, as a real estate agent, can effectively use it to show your properties in a new and exciting way.

HVL: How did you come up with Swaha and why?
PT: I am a story teller by nature. I love stories, all sorts of stories. Two years ago, I created a free app called stories etc. to help people record and share their life legacy stories. Basically, it is an app loaded with a bunch of prompts, answer all the prompts and you’ve created your e-memoir. Well, one aspect of that is about story telling over photos. People loved it, so I realized I could carve it out to create a fun social app for sharing stories. I mean, we use social media all the time to convey messages and pop in emojis or multiple exclamation points, but those are NOTHING like emotions conveyed in our own voice inflections.

HVL: What are some of the applications you’ve seen for Swaha?
PT: It is fun and crazy to see how creative people can be. We released Swaha only ten day ago, and we already have “new baby welcome home” stories, yoga and fitness “instructional” stories, real estate property tours, handbag sales promotions from china, family stories, spoken word, poetry, musicians recordings and even one lady recording ambient noise as she walks around. Really pretty amazing, one of my favorites is a Chinese guy, singing “The Sound of Music” in “almost English.”

HVL: In what ways can business owners use Swaha?
PT: I think I underestimated this part. Every time someone talks with me about Swaha, they show me a new use for it. Just today a teacher was talking about using it for book reports to make them more fun. Certainly Realtors have already shown real value as well as contractors. I have had a few conversations with car dealers and an HSE company. I think incident reporting for HSE is going to be a great use, but we will probably need to white label that so they can keep the files confidential.

HVL: Tell me more about how Swaha specifically helps realtors.
PT: They are really excited about Swaha! Imagine arriving at a property for the first time and within five minutes you have already taken 15 photos and narrated a guided property tour: “Oh, and look at all these lovely built-ins in the closet”, then push that property tour out to your website, Facebook page, LinkedIn, Twitter, email list and IM, all before you get back in your car!

HVL: Where do you see Swaha going in the next year? 5 years? 10 years?
PT: Oh, that is a long time out! We just released ten days ago, and people are just becoming aware. I think Swaha will find a home in many businesses as well as 13 year old’s phones. My 14-year-old niece loves Swaha, too. It really is a great communication device, so close to how we do things in our offline world, so it will find lots of places to add value.

Check out this great example of a property tour that took four minutes to create and share with Swaha.

Check out the Swaha how-to video.

Contact: Patrick Talley | Founder, Swaha and stories etc. | patricktalley@gmail.com

What do you think of this new app? Do you think it is going to help you do your marketing more easily? Share your thoughts and Swaha property stories with us in the comments below!

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