Summer Staging Tips to Make Buyers Melt

Renae Virata | July 1, 2016 | Best Practices

Summer Home Staging Tips to Make Buyers MeltSummer came super early this year, didn’t it? And with the hot weather should come a new approach to home staging for your clients. Why? The more in line with the weather and season you can be in showing off a home, the more attractive a house will be to prospective buyers at that moment.

Start with the Outside

Buyers want to imagine what it would be like to enjoy their outdoor space immediately after they purchase their homes. So it’s only natural that a major focus in staging for summer showings should be on the exterior of the home.

The easiest things to check off our list can also be the most cost effective. Paint any exterior walls that are chipped or just need a fresh coat. If a wall is painted an outrageous color, gently let the seller know that painting it a more neutral color will be an easier sell.

A back patio is the next thing to tackle. Look for any loose boards or cracked tiles and replace them. A good power wash on a deck or concrete area is a good way to refresh an outdoor space, too. Temporarily replace any outdoor patio furniture with nicer versions. A simple switch of cushions could also do the trick.

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Plants are a major upgrade to any property, both inside and outside. Some flower boxes or pots with nice plants can make a space more inviting. Be sure the lawn is well manicured or at least cut and any old items laying around are hauled away. Planting fresh patches of grass and new bushes is an easy way to reset the look of a lawn and can be a considerably positive change for the house.

If there is a pool, make sure that it is cleaned prior to every showing. It can get expensive to do a complete overhaul, but go over with the seller what they are willing to do to help show it off the best way possible.

The Inside is Important, Too

It may seem like there is not much to do to the interior of the home to stage it for the summer, but you’d be surprised.

A sun porch, for example, is an area where people will likely want to spend hot summer days without actually having to go outside. Make sure this area is “show-ready” with minimal but functional furniture and clean windows. A plant or two in this room could help warm it up and show it off as a relaxing sanctuary.

The kitchen is another great place to do some summer staging. Make sure any clutter is removed and have a pitcher of lemonade and glasses available to give it some hot-weather flair.

Especially if there is a pool, make the back entrance ready with a collection of bright matching towels and a seashell theme to match. If there is a small window, a light shade or airy curtains give the room a breezy feel.

Finally, make sure all curtains or shades are open to let in as much sunlight as possible and also turn the air conditioning up a bit. Make sure the windows, again, are washed from the inside out and that all window sills are in tip-top condition.

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Renae Virata