Successful Realtors vs Unsuccessful Realtors

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Real estate will always be a desirable commodity, which means there will always be a need for skilled real estate agents who can help their clients navigate the complex world of buying and selling property. If you are interested in becoming a realtor, you must take heed of the differences between successful realtors vs. unsuccessful realtors.

Finding New Clients

Successful realtors take advantage of every possible method to find new clients. This includes word of mouth references, trade shows, social media networks, and even cold calling. On the other hand, unsuccessful realtors do not explore their options for finding new business. They might stick with a base of clients that they have already, or restrict themselves to only one or two methods for finding new people to work with.

Putting In The Time

Nothing beats hard work, especially when it comes to real estate. One important thing that separates successful realtors vs. unsuccessful realtors is how many hours they work. In a 2012 article for Inman News, Andrea Brambila reported that 40.7% of real estate agents who make between $30,000 and $50,000 per year work between 20 and 40 hours a week, while more than 83% of realtors who make over $100,000 per year work 40 hours a week or more.

Focusing On Serving Clients

Successful realtors build a good reputation with their existing clients, which in turn helps them find more new clients. They do this by putting the needs of their clients before their own needs. To become a successful real estate agent, you need to emphasize the goals of your clients and make them your own, instead of putting your own personal needs first. By doing this you will grow the number of satisfied clients you have, which will lead to word spreading about your excellent service as a realtor.

Always Learning

Another important concept that separates successful realtors vs. unsuccessful realtors is the pursuit of education. The best real estate agents are the ones committed to learning as much as they can about their craft. Through online blogs, real estate classes, and advice from senior agents, successful realtors develop their own skills by learning about what has worked for others. Unsuccessful realtors tend to not seek out information or advice and believe that they already have a good foundation of real estate knowledge, whether they actually do or not.

Knowing Their Area

Realtors are expected to be very well versed in the ins and outs of the place where they are helping clients buy and sell homes. You should know which neighborhoods have the most desirable homes, which ones are zoned for the best schools, and which ones are closest to the best entertainment and dining. Successful realtors will also study market trends to determine whether housing prices as a whole have gone up or down in the particular neighborhoods they work with. Unsuccessful realtors often do not have a sufficient knowledge of their geographic location and do not make a proper effort to gain this knowledge.

Real estate agents who want to be successful must do what is necessary to gain this success. If you understand the difference between successful realtors vs. unsuccessful realtors and actively take steps to embody the characteristics of success, you can make money and satisfy your clients.

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