Successful People Do What Unsuccessful People Do Not

Regina P. Brown | May 4, 2015 | Real Estate Agent Industry Reports

Successful agentsSuccessful people do what unsuccessful people do not. That’s why they are successful, according to Jeff Olson in his book The Slight Edge: Secret to a $uccessful Life. It’s divided into two parts: The Slight Edge and Mastering Your Life.

With so much competition in real estate, these words of wisdom may be timely advice to help you quickly find your place in the market and surpass your competition.

The shoeshine woman was successful — at building others’ dreams but not her own. Day after day, she used her “free time” to read novels when she could have chosen to read business guides. She associated with colleagues at her same income level instead of aspiring to befriend leaders and mentors. Rather than challenging herself to develop more business skills, she was content to keep doing the same jobs over and over. And that’s why she was dissatisfied with her income level. The key point is that she could have done little things that grow exponentially and compound over time to become big successes.

In this fast-paced, relevant and intriguing book, Olson takes us back to his youth. He worked as a golf course lawn cutter and wondered how the wealthy become just that. He knew he had what it takes to be successful, just like the country club members, and was determined to find out how he could turn his motivation into money. He became a student of respected life coach Jim Rohn and embarked on his personal journey. The results he found were stunning. Olson shows the techniques he learned to make anyone’s dreams happen, not just watch them float by.

“People everywhere are clamoring for the formula, the secret, the path to improve their lives…but how to do it is not the issue,” says Olson.

Of course, there are how-to books for everything you can imagine, but “the secret ingredient is your philosophy. The secret is to change the way you think.” He says that it’s more important to focus on the attitude than the actions and to understand the attitudes behind the actions.

“That begins with our life philosophy.”

The secret, he says, is to increase your self-discipline and stay on track by creating better habits that add up to a big difference over time. Tap into the power of daily discipline by leveraging small tasks to create enormous outcomes. It’s about the driving forces in our lives that either move us toward our goal or further away from it. You’ll find that anything is possible if you take small steps toward success every, single day.

The “ripple effect” begins with a small stone thrown into a pond. It may be a tiny stone but can have a huge effect with its ripples reaching to the outermost edges of the pond. It’s the same with our actions and how we can influence and encourage others.

This book dispels the “quantum leap” myth of overnight success and shows how you can change your perspective to the everyday discipline of mundane tasks that leverage big success. Surround yourself with positive, like-minded people who are also heading for successful futures. Commitment, consistency, and a willing attitude go a long way to elevate your personal development to the next level up.

Read more about life-changing concepts in this inspirational book that is sure to fire up your successful mindset with new strategies and start one-upping your real estate competition!

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Regina P. Brown