Stake Your Claim as the Local Real Estate Guru

Renae Virata | August 26, 2016 | Marketing

Stake Your Claim as the Local Real Estate GuruIf you live in the Dallas-Ft. Worth/North Texas area and looking to sell or buy your home, you have no doubt run into the website For some years now, the award-winning site, founded by Editor Candy Evans, “offers readers insider intel, House Porn, celebrity real estate, neighborhood profiles, what’s hot, (what’s not), sales insight, Realtor profiles, new developments, the ‘f’ word (um, foreclosures, what were you thinking?), builder talk, real estate news and consumer Q&A’s,” according to its About page. It’s a great example how you, too, can establish yourself as a local real estate guru.

Take a look at their main sections (Neighborhoods, Builders, Design and Landscape, among others) and the quality of their posts. You will likely find inspiration for building your own real estate content empire for your market.

It’s important to know that Evans is licensed as a real estate agent and has been since her site’s inception. Her main goal, however, is to dish on the local real estate market, not to sell for her own benefit. In fact, as noted in her bio, she is first and foremost a journalist who knows a lot about local real estate.

Why Works

Before you pay a visit yourself, we decided to do a quick summary of what makes this website so awesome.

  • It’s highly organized. One of the biggest challenges for home buyers, for example, is getting the inside scoop on neighborhoods. Very few real estate agents seem to disclose the kind of information that would help an individual or family decide confidently that an area is for them. The Neighborhood post category is broken down into all of the neighborhoods in North Texas. It’s easy to find and easy to digest.
  • There’s a section for local builders. Many homeowners are often looking for new builds these days. Evans lays out a nice selection of builders that provide pre-made new or custom homes. Each name comes complete with a representative photo of each builder’s aesthetic. This cuts down on the sometimes frustrating and futile search for builders. With this list, all you have to do is get pricing, locations for new homes or find land.
  • No shortage of fun info to keep even non-home sellers and buyers coming back. According to, a super rough estimate of’s monthly traffic can reach up to 300,000 visits. You can bet that many of these visitors enjoy the interesting posts on local celebrity homes, home design tips and event landscaping ideas.

These are just a few examples of how Evans’ website and the work of her editorial team have put together a solid online real estate destination.

What You Can Take Away

Okay, we’ll give you 10 minutes to check out the site. Are you back yet? Pretty good, right? So, how can you establish yourself as a real estate guru in your market as Evans has but as a practicing real estate agent?

First of all, know what your audience wants to read. You cater to sellers, you cater to buyers and you cater to a certain market. What questions have they asked you over and over again in these areas? These are not only great topics for future blog posts. They also help you figure out the specific main post categories that people want to see and will likely come back to.

Second, don’t be afraid to tell it like it is. With discretion, share your insight on neighborhoods and provide helpful tips for sellers and buyers. Even if these tips are rooted in clients’ mistakes or misunderstandings, you can generalize stories so its more helpful than tell-all.

Third, show your involvement in the community. Evans and her team recently brought together a panel of real estate experts and local government officials to discuss a controversial revitalization project in southeast Dallas. Evans attracted a lot of audience members to the event through great publicity. But most importantly, she showed her sincere concern for a big real estate topic. She not only shared it on her blog but also her social media channels. Choose wisely what you would like to get involved in, be a part of it and put your most earnest foot forward.

Finally, just have fun with it. It’s clear that Evans and her team are passionate about their local market. They know their stuff, do the research and dip into a number of topics. You can start small, with one weekly post then work your way to a few until you get the hang of it. For posts on new listings, add some panache in your description to set them apart from others in the area. Having a blog like to showcase the real estate guru in you is a wonderful way to reach out to a wider market and may even attract the attention of local media to grab a bigger audience.

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Renae Virata