Stage a Home Staging Demo

Renae Virata | May 24, 2017 | Best Practices

Stage a Home Staging DemoStaging is an important part of presenting a listing properly. With summer’s being a busy time for real estate agents, you might not have the time or means to invest in helping each client stage their homes for sale. Sometimes providing tips, too, is just not enough.

Have you ever thought of a home staging demo? Don’t worry, most real estate agents haven’t, which is why it is such a wonderful opportunity to do two things: Be a resource for sellers and meet new potential leads.

What is a Home Staging Demo?

A home staging demo is a seminar that you can hold as a real estate agent to educate leads and clients on how to stage their homes.

Instead of doing a video or writing a blog post about it, both of which you can do later for more content and to supplement your demo, a home staging demo allows people to meet you in person, ask questions and start building that trust with you.

Planning a Home Staging Demo

As with any real estate event, a plan is imperative to making sure it goes smoothly. First, pick a date. Make sure you look at not only the national calendar for national holidays but also the local calendar for major festivals or other events that might draw your target market away.

Once you have a date, finding a location is the next step. You might see where this is going! Since this is a staging demo, a listing that is wonderfully staged is a fantastic place to hold your seminar.

A major part of any seminar is preparing a script of sorts and a timeline. What time will people arrive? How long after they arrive would you like to start? How will the rest of the night flow? Once you figure that out, type up a detailed agenda. If you have more than one person hosting (a partnership with a staging company would be perfect!), then make sure you assign roles throughout the night. And don’t forget to set out a sign up sheet for walk-ins or guests of attendees!

No event is complete without the little extras people look forward to. Provide a pen and notebook, with your information on it, of course, for people to take notes throughout. You can also provide light finger foods or simple items like cookies and drinks.

If you want to make your demo more exciting, then hold a drawing for attendees for a $50 gift card to Target or a local home goods store.

Promoting Your Staging Demo

We have a long list of tips to help you promote your event, so be sure to check them out!

Of course, you will want to communicate early enough and often with your prospect and client list about your event. Encourage them to invite their family and friends to join. Don’t forget to highlight all important aspects including date, time, address, what they’ll learn, if food and drinks will be served, your drawing and RSVP info, if you require it.

Following Up

It might go without saying, but don’t forget to follow up with attendees! Give them a one-sheet checklist / staging tip list via email. Include them in your follow-up email campaigns and be sure to call them in case they have other questions and to offer your services.

A staging demo is a great way to meet your leads, clients and new guests face-to-face. Strong preparation, promotion and follow-up is key to making the event worth your guests’ (and your!) time as well as helping to grow your business organically.

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Renae Virata