Social Media Video Tips Round-Up for Agents

Renae Virata | December 2, 2016 | Marketing

Real Estate VideoIt’s not question that we’ve delved heavily into video this year, especially as it applies to social media. Fifty-nine percent of marketers report that video gives the highest ROI over photos or text alone. So we’re rounding up this year’s posts that revolve around video in social media for real estate agents. We hope it will inspire you to take your marketing to the next level in the coming year!

10 Photo and Video Apps to Help Your Listings Stand Out

Do you sometimes feel like your listing, website or social media photos and videos could use a little boost? Now that everyone and their grandmothers know that photo and video are musts for any marketing endeavor, some clever software teams have come up with apps that will make anyone – even busy real estate professionals like you – a creative marketer.

Check out these ten apps that will add that little extra something to your photos and videos to help you stand out.

Latest Facebook Video Updates You Should Know

We get it. Every time you turn around, it seems that Facebook is making an update or adding a new feature. With the busy of life of a real estate agent, it can be hard to keep up. So we’ve put together a short list of the latest developments, the quick-and-dirty on each and how it affects you as a real estate agent. And, surprise – it all revolves around video.

Facebook Live Tips for Real Estate Agents

If you are still not convinced that live streaming technology like Facebook Live can help boost your real estate business, then perhaps the success of a husband-wife real estate team will! Melissa and John Steele of Steele San Diego Homes in Southern California jumped onto the video bandwagon earlier this year, adding both Facebook Live and Snapchat to their marketing mix.

The Steeles have generously shared their experience with Facebook Live (including some awesome examples) with us, so we hope that their creativity and marketing prowess encourage you to take the video plunge, too!

How to Create Real Estate Instagram Videos

Many real estate agents are taking full advantage of the benefits that Instagram offers. The popular photo-sharing social platform can beautifully showcase your latest listings, give your followers a behind-the-scenes look into your day and celebrate your successes. However, many agents are still steering clear of posting videos on Instagram. We’re here to say, “Go for it!

Tell a Better Real Estate Story with New Snapchat “Memories”

So, for those of you real estate agents who are already on Snapchat, they have just launched a new feature called “Memories”. It could be a great new way for you to expand your real estate business on the platform, tell great stories that leads and clients can check out and get you to be a more active “Snapchatter”.

Become a Video (Real Estate) Rock Star

With home sales slowing a bit, you would do well as a real estate agent to come up with as many creative and unique ways to stay above the competition. It’s no secret that video should be a staple in any real estate agent’s toolkit. In addition to the videos that you create for listings or to introduce yourself, you could add to your video library with your very own video-based show.

Facebook Livestream for Real Estate Agents

Ready to jump into the live streaming action? Well, since last month, anyone with Facebook can do so easily on their iPhone and, as of late, on their Android phones.

Livestream is a great way to communicate with your Facebook audience and friends in a personal way, but many real estate agents may still be shy to do video let alone live. But some of the cool things you can do with this new app just may change your mind.

Instagram Videos for Real Estate Agents

If you haven’t heard the latest on short films on Instagram growing in popularity, you aren’t alone. Many Instagram users let alone real estate agents are just becoming privy to using video effectively on the fastest-growing social media platform. Used the right way, you can create a more engaged following and have video that you can re-purpose throughout your marketing strategy.

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Renae Virata