Social Media Updates for Agents to Know

Renae Virata | December 19, 2016 | Marketing

Social Media Updates for Agents to KnowIt seems like every month or so, all of the popular social media platforms have a new update. That’s a good thing! New features mean new ways to bring content in a fresh way to your leads and clients. Here’s what going on in social media you should know about and how to apply it to your real estate business.

Instagram Live Video

Facebook got everyone started, so it was only a matter of time before Instagram followed. According to The Next Web, Instagram is trying to move one step ahead of Snapchat after developing their Stories not too long after Snapchat’s similar photo and video-stitching feature.

How does Instagram Live Video work? When you slide into the Stories feature, simply tap the “Live” button and shoot away.

In terms of marketing for your real estate business, the concept is much the same as Facebook Live. Use it during those impromptu moments, behind-the-scenes moments. Or for a live showing of a property. Basically, use it in any way that will connect you even more with your Insta audience.

Snapchat Groups

If you want to bring together a group of Snapchat users into the same conversation and to share the same media, Snapchat brings you Groups. With Groups, up to 16 friends can join.

Groups are created through when you send a Snap or while you make a new Snap. You can start a one-on-one conversation by tapping on a name at the bottom of the screen.

Like regular Snaps, chats in Groups only last 24 hours. They can, however, be opened and played again by any chat member once.

We see this as a great tool to, for example, send out quick snaps to a group of buyers interested in specific types of properties you’ve previously Snapped. With the Chat feature, you can send messages similarly to a particular group found on Snapchat.

Twitter Goes Live, Too

You didn’t think Twitter would avoid the live video bandwagon, did you? It may seem redundant, but you might be reaching a whole other audience on Twitter versus Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

Go live by starting a tweet then tapping the Live button. Then tap “Go Live” to get started.

Facebook Does One Better

With every popular social media outlet doing some form of live video now, the Facebook team came up with Live 360. It’s like a virtual reality experience for your audience. This is an exciting new feature for the real estate world, especially!

When you take panoramic view of your environment, your audience can move the phone or slide their finger across the video in order to see any angle of the video.

Obviously, this is a fantastic way to show off a property, inside and out. This will roll out to some Pages and Profiles over the next few months with everyone able to enjoy the feature in 2017.

Many thanks to for sharing these new features with the community!

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Renae Virata