Shed These 5 Bad Real Estate Agent Habits this New Year’s

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It’s the Holiday Season, which means in addition to considering the closing gifts we’ve given our clients this year, we should also think about the habits we must shed. After all, the New Year only happens, well, once a year, meaning that starting off 2019 the right way can lead to 365 days of real estate agent success.

Check out 5 habits we should absolutely shed if we hope to be as successful in 2019 as we (hopefully!) were in 2018.


Shed These 5 Bad Real Estate Agent Habits


  1. Incessantly thinking about the money you could make

If all we consider is the money we could make every time we sell a house, we’re not thinking about the big picture. We want to think like Warren Buffett and other successful investors. When we do something great for a client, make them happy by selling their home or help them find a home, we’re investing in that client.

Warren Buffett loves buying dividend paying stocks. Dividend paying stocks pay back every quarter. Your clients that you make happy pay back every time they bring up your name. Think this way and you become an investing real estate agent instead of a money hungry real estate agent.

Guess what? It will show!

  1. Not paying attention to cold prospects

Cold prospects don’t always stay cold. When cold prospects get warm, and eventually get hot, they do it quickly. It won’t take long for a cold prospect to turn into a house hunting or house selling prospect. Create a touching point schedule with your cold prospects.

  1. Think you don’t need a pre-listing presentation

Great marketing doesn’t exist in a silo. How many times have you seen a great commercial that drives you to take absolutely no action? For real estate agents like us, taking action means the individual who views any piece of your great marketing, whether it’s your image on a bus bench, or a post you made on social media, takes some sort of action.

Taking action means seeing your pre-listing presentation. Home sellers will get a taste of what you can do for them while potential buyers will see that you know how to find the right house for the right family.

  1. Failing to see the value of signing up with a company like Home Value Leads

You can’t do everything on your own. It’s impossible. Why when you can sign-up with a company like Home Value Leads who provides a CRM designed to help you sell more and make more money? HVL even has a full array of emails templates that you can use to keep your communications with clients and potential clients on the right track.

  1. Believing you’re on an island

If you’re one of those individuals who likes to do everything on her own, don’t shed that attitude. It will help you, but you must understand that selling homes, or finding homes for buyers, doesn’t work if you’re on an island.

Home buyers and home sellers are a part of the team. Treat them like team members. Even delegate if it’s something that you believe is in their best interest.

As 2019 approaches, we should shed negative real estate agent habits. 5 of the most important negative habits to shed are:  incessantly thinking about the money we could make, not thinking about cold prospects, not respecting the pre-listing presentation, believing we’re on an island, and not signing up with a company like Home Value Leads.  

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