Roundup from California Realtor Expo

Renae Virata | October 26, 2016 | Best Practices

Round-Up from California Realtor Expo

If you didn’t have a chance to read our individual posts on our notes from the California Realtors Expo in Long Beach this past September, then check out our roundup for a quick summary.

Grow Your Real Estate Network with Instagram

Are you new to Instagram as a real estate agent? Even if you are a seasoned “Instagramer,” you might find these tips from social media consultant Katie Lance on how to grow your real estate business through the fastest growing social media platform out there.

Katie suggests having a strategy when employing Instagram in your marketing. Part of that means being consistent with your posting to continue to engage your audience.

Photos (and now videos!) are the heart and soul of Instagram. Though listing photos are an obvious choice for content, Katie says to “think beyond the listing photo.” This means focusing on other, related areas of your real estate business and what leads and clients are looking for such as the local community, neighborhood, breathtaking views, nearby coffee houses and other hot spots, happy clients and unique focal points of different homes.

What else does Katie recommend?

  • Tell a story instead of just describing your listing with the typical adjectives.
  • Connect with your audience more personally on your social media feeds.
  • Celebrate your clients
  • Create local-focused content

Our second post from Katie’s presentation provides tips on using a content grid, scheduling and reposting on Instagram, enhancing your photos and videos, using hashtags and Instagram stories (which we also covered in more detail in a previous post).

6 Ways to Improve Your Real Estate Business

If you want advice from one of the top coaches in the real estate industry, then look no further than Tom Ferry. We were lucky enough to hear him speak in Long Beach. Among the many stats he shares: 78.4 percent of people saying they would stay with their agents but only 5.4 percent actually stick to that promise.

Highlights from Tom’s presentation that you can read about in more detail in our summary:

  • Watch What You Say – To avoid conversation blunders with clients, Tom suggests role playing with colleagues, updating your listing presentation often and recognizing which kind of prospects you fear speaking with and addressing that fear.
  • Maximize Your Time – Figure out the who’s and the what’s behind your time traps and prioritize your activities.
  • Avoid These Growth Killers – Opinions of others, illusions of past grandeur and worrying too much are the top three barriers to growing your business that Tom identifies for agents.
  • Adopt a culture of “ABT” or Always Be Testing – The more often you measure your efforts, the more often you can improve them.
  • Make Life Easier on You – and Your Clients – Simplify what you have to offer, be accessible and clarify what you need to know.
  • Measure Often, Improve Often – Determine your best timeframe for checking stats on all parts of your business (revenue, marketing efforts, etc.).

Are You a Mobile-Focused Agent?

Are You a Mobile-Focused Agent?PNC Mortgage’s Jim Marks shared his insights on why agents should be focused on mobile. Since half of all Internet traffic mobile, according to Jim, you can be your real estate leads fall right into that slice, too. What else did Jim share?

  • Work Better in a Mobile-First World – Starting with social media, do some “digital farming.” Then, make sure your business is as virtual as possible – keep files on the cloud and use apps for your most needed software.
  • Attract and Impress Mobile Customers – Create your own real estate app, suggests Jim. Sounds challenging? Not with some really great companies that make it extremely easy to create an app that can not only attract clients but also help connect you quickly with current ones. Finally, make sure your website is responsive and, at the very least, mobile-friendly.


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