REALTORS Don’t Like Ethics Complaints. Neither Do Boards Apparently.

Home Value Leads | May 23, 2014 | Real Estate Agent Industry Reports

REALTORS Don't Like ComplaintsNobody likes to make complaints and no one wants to hear them. In the service industry, it is usually the customer that is making a complaint on the company. However, in this case, we are making a complaint about one of our past clients, and we are submitting that complaint to the state association of REALTORS®. REALTORS® don’t like ethics complaints, but neither do the boards apparently.

The state boards of REALTORS® seem to make the process unnecessarily difficult. It almost discourages people from filing complaints. To begin with, they require that your complaint be typed, yet provide the form in a PDF format. As a REALTOR® myself, I have the appropriate software to be able to do this. Even then, it’s not perfect but it got the job done. As a home buyer or other non-tech person, I would find that extremely daunting. The only people that have typewriters these days are serial killers (and apparently state associations of REALTORS®). Once you get the form converted so that you can edit the PDF, here come the instructions. The board in question requires the original complaint and all of the evidence to be submitted not just once.

They want the original plus 6 copies of all of the information (7 copies in total). As I type this, I am currently printing, collating, and binding nearly 400 pages of information to submit for my complaint.  The original packet was nearly 60 pages. It almost feels like the complainant is the one who is meant to suffer in this process. To give you some perspective, I snapped a photo of the stack of complaints that I will be mailing next to an unopened ream of copy paper. I’m not exaggerating.

Oh yeah, MAIL! There is no online submission. Everything has to be done through the mail. So today, I will pack up my 400-ish pages and go off to the post office. How much is it going to cost me to send a certified package with 400 plus pages? I guess we’ll find out.

Be warned people: Copyright and intellectual property theft is a serious offense.   The complaint that I am submitting today could end someone’s career, but will more likely get a small fine and some extra continuing education hours. Which makes me wonder, is it even worth it to submit this?

I’d love to hear your comments below about what you think or if you’ve had a similar experience.

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