4 Real Estate Agent Tips for a Great YouTube Channel

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Heading into the New Year, it’s important to keep in mind how Home Value Leads can help you with Facebook advertising. Advertising on Facebook has become much more cost-effective than struggling through pay per clicks.

But while Facebook advertising is great, we still live in a video-centric world. Real estate agents should also consider starting their own YouTube channel. Check out 4 real estate agent tips for running an effective YouTube Channel.

4 Real Estate Agent Tips for a Great YouTube Channel


  1. Play a long game to build the following

Have you ever heard the saying, “I’m playing the long game?” The long game means not worrying so much about what happens with every single thing and instead looking for long term benefits. You play the long game with every home you intend to sell. You don’t look to sell it the day you meet the owners. In fact, you don’t even get the contract until you provide a listing presentation.

Playing the long game with your YouTube channel means gaining viewers slowly and building your viewership through weeks, months, and even years of hard work. Look out to the future and decide that your YouTube Channel is a long game marketing tool.

  1. Don’t settle on a single type of video

There are all types of video that you can post to your YouTube Channel. Don’t settle on just one type. If you consistently beat viewers over the head with how great of a real estate agent you are, you run the risk of turning off those viewers. Add some education videos, add some slice of life videos, add some things about real estate that connects back to you and connects back to them.

  1. Think mobile

Most of us are on the go. We don’t sit in front of a desktop watching YouTube videos, sending out Instagram messages, and even working. Technology has made it easy for us to do our jobs, view, and comment directly from our smartphones.

Whatever videos you post on your YouTube Channel, they must be mobile friendly. That means everything you post, you should post knowing there’s a good chance viewers will watch it on a small screen.

  1. Stick to the script with a twist

You’re not the only real estate agent that will have a YouTube Channel. That doesn’t mean you must get overly creative. It’s a fine line between being creative enough to stand out and getting overly creative to the point where your audience has no clue what you’re doing.

Stick to the real estate agent script. Definitely add real estate agent themes into most every one of your videos. But, add a twist so that you stand out. What makes you a different real estate agent from everyone else? Real estate agents are people just like other professionals. People aren’t the same.

By being different while sticking to the real estate agent script, you can separate yourself from your competitors.

Facebook advertising remains an effective way to gain leads. In addition to Facebook advertising, real estate agents should also run their own YouTube Channels. By doing the four things above, real estate agents can create effective YouTube Channels that build their brand and generate more leads.

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