Real Estate Seller Leads: The Importance of Custom Drip Emails

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Drip Email Your Real Estate Seller LeadsReal estate professionals are always looking for home seller leads.  A consistent source of leads is one of the central necessities of running a successful business. 

You get real estate seller leads from a variety of sources, including networking, referrals, advertising respondents, lead generation tools, and clients you have come in contact with through other means. 

This is usually great, but you may get leads in all stages of the buying or selling decision.  If you want to get customers, you need to spend time and energy guiding your leads toward an eventual decision.  Once they make a decision to work with you, they make the transition from leads to listings.

The Guiding Process

How do you guide real estate seller leads to the decision point?  You do it by staying in regular contact with them. 

You must regularly check in with your seller leads, both to offer additional information and to keep your name fresh in their mind. 

As your potential customers get more familiar with you and learn more about the local real estate market, ideally, they will be ready to make a buying decision and work with you. 

Much of this communication is repetitive and routine.  Spending your time responding to the same questions repeatedly is not a profitable pursuit.

Using Drip Email

You want to stay in contact with as many real estate seller leads as possible, but the process of doing so is very time consuming and inefficient. 

This is just the situation for the “Drip” email.  Drip email is a series of pre-written messages designed to guide your home listing leads along the path to becoming customers. 

A well-designed drip email campaign starts with basic information about you, your local market, and real estate in general. 

Over time, you will feed this budding relationship with more in-depth information.  Once the potential client has received the drip emails over a few weeks or months, they should be ready for a personal contact, to seal the deal.

Drip email can be very effective, but it is not without problems.  If you use drip e-mail, you should be aware of the importance of custom drip emails to build the relationship with your home seller leads. 

One that is too generic just looks like spam.  Drip emails should incorporate as much information as possible regarding a lead’s particular situation. 

Well-written drip emails have multiple fields for including details such as an individual’s name and location. 

Including small details gives your seller the illusion that each message was personally written specifically to them. 

When the time to make an actual personal contact comes, you will not be going in cold; the individual should feel as if they already know you.

Now that you know the importance of custom drip emails to build the relationship with real estate listing leads, get out there and find a way to apply this method to your business, and discover just how well this method can work for you.

If you need some seller leads to practice on, check out our lead generation tool that helps agents generate real estate seller leads each and every day. 

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