Is Your Real Estate Page “Facebook News Feed”-Worthy?

Renae Virata | July 8, 2016 | Marketing

Is Your Real Estate Page "Facebook News Feed"-Worthy?You’ve worked hard to build a Facebook page for your real estate business. You’ve got a decent number of followers. And you are posting more regularly (and actually enjoy it!). The latest update on Facebook around News Feeds might make you feel like all of this is for naught. What’s the new algorithm change, and how can you work around it?

The New Facebook News Feed Change

Facebook, according to VP Adam Mosseri, has always focused users’ News Feeds delivering them the information that they truly want to see. In this spirit, the focus, is shifting more towards the posts of family and friends.

“We are not in the business of picking which issues the world should read about. We are in the business of connecting people and ideas — and matching people with the stories they find most meaningful.”

It may seem like your posts will be moved down quite a bit on News Feeds. While that may be true, as long as you maintain engaging content that your followers/fans like, comment on and share, the new algorithm should not significantly impact your posts.

How You Can Keep Your Posts on Those News Feeds

So, what’s the scoop on how to keep your posts relevant for your followers/fans? The formula is pretty simple and a good guide for ensuring that you are not just selling on your Facebook page.

  • Photos and videos rule. If you have more engagement with photos and videos (as virtually every page and even personal page do), then make sure you are consistently posting at least an interesting photo with every post and ever so often a video. This really follows what your followers are liking and engaging with. And who doesn’t like an entertaining or informative photo/video?
  • Tell stories. People love to learn about others and situations that they have lived through or are living, and stories do that best. Write a post and show a photo or video about a client, for example. The post can be from a blog article your wrote about a client who had a problem you helped to solve. Or you can simply share their home selling or buying experience. The more engagement you attract through great stories, the more your engaging posts will tell Facebook that your type of stories should continually move up or even show up on your followers’ News Feeds.
  • Be consistent and post often. With the modification in News Feeds, you’ll want to inform Facebook more and more about what you are posting and what your followers like to see. You can only really achieve this if you are posting consistently, preferably once a day, sometimes twice. Experiment with the best times of the day where you are seeing engagement, then keep tweaking until you find the sweet spot.
  • Comment back. Nothing makes a follower feel like their comments are not for naught than your replying back to a comment. It shows you are paying attention and value their engagement with your page.

Facebook advises business pages to continue posting content that their followers will like, share and comment on. It’s simple advice and, thankfully, can also help real estate agents like you become better on the platform than ever before.

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Renae Virata