Real Estate Listing Video Tips from the Pros

Renae Virata | March 5, 2018 | Marketing

Real Estate Listing Video Tips from the ProsAre you still on the fence about creating real estate videos? We hope not! We asked some of the most successful real estate agents around the country to share with us the do’s and don’ts that they have experienced in incorporating video into their listings.

Liane Jamason, Broker Associate | Jamason Realty Group

“I have used videos for my listings. Sellers love them and buyers do, too. You can measure success by hits on YouTube or Facebook. Personally, I upload the raw video file to Facebook because Facebook has its own video tracker for hits, and it auto-plays on Facebook. By using Facebook and sponsored posts, our videos are getting viewed 5,000-10,000 times on average.

My photographer shoots my videos in conjunction with a drone videographer often times. On average a video can run from $200-500 depending on quality. Here’s a sample of one of mine on a luxury lakefront home in Florida.

Some Realtors are now doing full movies about a home including paid actors, or as is more often the case in my market, they put in friends as actors, which doesn’t portray nearly as well. Personally I think these are a bit cheesy and take the focus off the house itself.

Some agents brand the video so much with their own info including big banners across the screen that take up half the shot of the house, or even put themselves in the video as an actor (hello, ego much?!) and the message about how great the home is gets lost.

Agents must be careful to ensure the video is about the home’s best features, and only brand themselves at the beginning and end or it comes off as too much. These movies can run an agent between $500-2000
a piece.”

Bruce Ailion | RE/MAX Greater Atlanta

“Over the last five years, I have been selling investment properties to overseas investors. Most of these properties were cheap, and listing agents did not provide videos.

“Video was an absolute requirement for these investors. Sixty still photos were not good, had to have video.

“Another odd fact: I started out with personal videos, switched to professional videos, and the investors preferred the ones I did that were shaky and in my voice.”

Kevin Krakower| Teles Properties

“I was having trouble marketing a piece of land in Malibu I had listed for sale. The photos could not capture the size or the location, and I was not getting a lot of calls or showings. It was a property with a home that had been destroyed and burned down by the Malibu fire in 1993. It was almost an acre with dramatic ocean views.

“My solution was to hire a drone operator and film the property. Once I added the drone footage to the
property website, I started receiving a lot of interest in the property, and it sold. I have included the link.”

David Feldberg | Coastal Real Estate Group

“I have used videos in my listings. I used to use the standard slideshow with music and now have moved to a 3D Virtual Tour.

“This has worked much better for me for a couple of reasons. First, it assists with showings, especially if a home is tenant-occupied and showings are tough. This allows prospective buyers to really take a good look at the home online before displacing the tenants or my sellers (also a big plus is that they don’t need to leave for every showing, many happen online). In addition the sellers LOVE IT!

“I started doing the 3D virtual tours about eight months ago, and I have already received two referrals for listings that will list later this year because they loved the technology, and it made me look great.

“Bottom line, as agents, we are responsible to market their home, and this is a really cool marketing piece that is relatively inexpensive. As to the technology, my photographer uses a Matterport Camera for the 3D tour, and he charges around $300 for the tour.”

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