Real Estate Leads: Why You Shouldn’t Rely On Your Broker

homevalueleads | March 11, 2015 | Resources for Real Estate Leads & Referrals

Generating Real Estate Leads As a Realtor, reliance on the corporate or home office for real estate lead generation is tempting, but is it really doing you any good? Most agents who have had the most success garnering real estate leads find that relying on themselves does the best job.

Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t depend on your broker for you real estate seller leads.

Building a Real Real Estate Business

If you’re truly trying to build a real estate business for yourself, then you’ve got to get better at getting those real estate leads on your own. Take full advantage of the tools the corporate office provides (the training, the collateral, the budget), then take it from there to develop your own pipeline.

If you start from the very beginning of the process by generating your own real estate leads, you’ll learn more about yourself as an agent, begin to eliminate the fears you have and overcome the common barriers you experience in closing deals.

Creating your own sound real estate business plan gives you more power, too, to steer your real estate business in the direction you want it to go – which, as you know, will change over time as you gain more experience.

A plan for getting more real estate leads should be fully incorporated into your plan and developed by you, specifically for you.

Part of that plan requires researching what has worked and what hasn’t then collecting the advice and tactics that make the most sense and are the most doable for you.

Establishing a Brand

In addition, you will be truly building your brand versus the brand of a large company or local firm that might not hold 100 percent true for you.

After you land your first listings, you’ll start building a reputation for excellent service, collecting referrals and receiving great testimonials to build up your resume. Use their brand name when necessary, but follow through and build your own brand.

With all the opportunity out there, you could be missing out on a market that is just perfect for you. The more you can establish yourself as a premier selling agent in these communities, the more opportunities you will find at your fingertips and the better you will be to cater to them.

Making You a Stronger Real Estate Agent

Going at the research on your own will help you develop your lead generating skills and uncover the best real estate lead generation resources and tactics that will maximize your returns.

If you do a search for real estate leads, you’ll find a slew of websites and services offering advice and products. Their existence just goes to show that depending on your brokerage firm is not the best nor only route to go!

Saving Money in the Long Run

It can be costly to share the revenue you get just because you have a lead from the home office. Do you really want to spend all that precious time vetting leads that were handed to you that, if it pans out, you’ll have to pay for anyway? Invest that money (and less of it!) into marketing opportunities that will give you a higher return on investment and help you generate your own real estate leads.

Also, your broker can dispense only so many leads to so many people. You might not get the quality ones you deserve or can work with if you are always sifting through and dealing with the ones you are given.

In Conclusion…

This is not to say that real estate leads from the home office are worthless – especially when you are starting out. But relying on yourself, as with anything in life, will keep you more alert to the opportunities around you and will continually expand your mind about your local and regional market.

What has been your experience in receiving leads from corporate or the home office versus finding your own? Has it been better or worse for you?

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