**VIDEO** Real Estate Commissions: Don’t Negotiate, Educate

homevalueleads | July 9, 2014 | Marketing, Video

Real estate commissions are always a hot topic for agents and home sellers alike. Much of the dispute about commission is because most agents are horrible at educating their sellers about what exactly they do and why they deserve that commission. Of course, home owners want to save every penny possible. What they don’t realize is that a cut-rate commission often equals cut-rate service. Don’t negotiate your real estate commissions; educate your sellers.

I would like to give a shout out to Ben Kinney who originally introduced me to the “dollar bill” method of negotiating commissions. I have personally used this technique at listing presentations and it works. I now have six $1 bills in my listing packet specifically for this reason. This video is just an animated version of my objection handler when a seller asks me to negotiate my commission.

If you were a home seller, how would you respond to this type of script?

If you are a KW agent and would like to use this video on your site here is the embed code:

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