Real Estate Closing Gifts that Go Viral

Renae Virata | May 18, 2016 | Best Practices

Real Estate Closing Gifts that Go ViralA closing gift is a great way to say thank you to your real estate clients. If you send them something cute, then they’ll likely share it with friends when they come over or have it displayed briefly on their counter until they don’t. If you send them something viral, however, then they’ll likely post what you sent on social media for hundreds or even thousands more to see.

Here is our list of social media-worthy closing gifts that your clients would enjoy sharing.

Customized Address Stamps

Have you received a card or letter from someone lately with a hand-stamped address and wondered where they go it? You can bet that others will wonder where you clients got theirs.

One of the last things some families remember to do when they buy a new home is to create new return address labels. It’s a thoughtful and fitting gift from you, as their agent.

Gifts that You Can Keep Giving

You probably had a chance to get to know your client pretty well. Use that knowledge to send them a closing gift that you can keep giving for months and months.

There are so many subscription box services out there that you’ll be able to find one that fits your clients’ whims and interests. Maybe you discussed how your client sold their condo or townhouse to find a bigger place with a yard for Fido. You can send a gift subscription to Bark Box, for example. Six months will only set you back $149.

You can bet that a die-hard fan or pet owner will be sharing what you sent on their social media channels when they get their first surprise!

Home is Where the Heart Is

Some clients may be excited about the next chapter in their lives, especially if they are moving out of state. But it doesn’t mean they’ll miss their last homestead, especially if its their hometown or state.

Pool together a hefty basket of local favorites and wearables touting their city or state. The Home T (yes, the same one you saw on Shark Tank) has a great collection of tees, decor and accessories featuring home states to help your clients wear their pride. Local sauces, wines, chocolates and sports memorabilia are also great additions to remind them of home.

A Memory to Last Forever

Want something truly unforgettable and meaningful to give to your client? After the excitement of selling their home, the feeling of nostalgia may set in.

If your client looks fondly on their sold home with memories, commemorate it with a beautiful drawing that they can hang in their new home. You can frame it to fit their personal style or present it in a beautiful box wrapped in tissue paper with a personal note. This may even end up as their Facebook cover photo for a time (with a public thanks to you for providing it).

The point of a closing gift is to say thank you to your clients but, most importantly, to help make the transition between homes easier or more fun. The more creative and more thoughtful that you can be with your gifts, the more naturally they will want to share it with everyone they know.

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Renae Virata