Real Estate Branding: Be a Neighborhood Expert

Renae Virata | October 28, 2015 | Marketing

Zestimate, Schestimate: How to Educate Your ClientsOne of the best ways to connect with prospective real estate clients and to procure solid leads is by branding yourself as an expert in the neighborhood that you are focused on. Whether it’s a very specific subdivision or an area of town, providing timely and thorough information related to all things related to your farming area is key.


Your website is probably the most direct and central area to showcase your expertise. Besides having a tagline that states this, it’s important to include a few things to communicate what you know. Having key pages dedicated to different aspects of your target area will help people find the information quickly while also answering any potential questions visitors to your site might have. Here are a few examples of what you can include:

  • General Information: Many neighborhoods or areas of cities have websites dedicated to sharing it’s history, development and future. Pick out the best parts and include photos of the neighborhood, such as long-standing restaurants, landmarks, running trails and more. You could also include a description so people have a good feel for the vibe of the area.
  • Schools/School District Information: Any school district will have the basic information to include, such as school grading, any awards or recognition and where schools are located in relation to your neighborhood. You can make it more fun by adding school mascots for zoned schools. Don’t forget private schools, even ones that might be outside of the area, so you have complete school information.
  • Events: There’s always something happening in every neighborhood or area. Posting these with a link to the event is a great way to keep your website current and to show your active involvement in the community. Search through online event calendars, consult with neighborhood associations and let people know that you have an area on your site to list their events. You can set this up in list form on the page or in a calendar. Many website platforms such as WordPress have plugins that make this super easy.
  • Blog: You probably have a lot of insight as a real estate professional on everything going on in the neighborhood, people you meet and cool happenings. Use your blog as an opportunity to share this information with your visitors. You can also send out your posts in newsletters as you post them as well as on social media.

Social Media

Besides posting pictures and info about homes you are selling, share information about your target area often. The 80/20 rule, as you probably know, is imperative for social media – 80 percent of your posts should be non-salesy while 20 percent can be about your business. It’s not only a good rule but also provides you lots of opportunities to create meaningful, informative and even fun content.

Many people get stuck here, wondering what information to post exactly. If you create a social media calendar with the dates, message and associated images in columns, you can plan your posts ahead of time and pre-schedule them (aka set it and forget it!). Use the content from your website in pieces. Maybe Mondays, you post new listings. Tuesdays, you post an upcoming event or fundraiser. Wednesdays can be tips. While Thursdays you pull tidbits from your website about the area.


We can’t stress enough that real estate is a people business, so it’s important to be in front of people (not just client meetings or listing presentations) as often as you can. Volunteer at or sponsor local events. Ask a local publication like a neighborhood newsletter or weekly paper if you can contribute real estate articles once a month and commit to meeting with local business people and influencers at least every two weeks. By building relationships organically, you will not only stay top of mind on the locals minds but also gain their trust when it comes time to sell their home (or if one of their friend’s needs help!).

As a real estate professional, you have a wealth of information that you probably don’t even realize you are collecting every moment. So use it to your advantage and integrate it into your marketing. The more you show you care and the more involved you are, the more edge you’ll have on your competition.

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Renae Virata