Ways to Encourage Social Media Engagement

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Real estate agents that utilize social media have an edge over their competition. At Home Value Leads, we’re a big believer in the power of social media. From our vantage point, social media marketing’s one of the most powerful ways for real estate agents to build their brands and generate leads.

But although real estate agents can build their brands and generate leads through social media marketing, the real power is when social media engagement goes the other way. When potential leads and current clients engage with real estate agents, they know their social media marketing is working.

Check out 3 ways to encourage social media engagement from potential and current clients.  


3 Ways to Encourage Social Media Engagement


  1. Hashtag and get it going

Hashtags are words or phrases on social media sites preceded by a pound, #, that identifies the message on a specific topic. Hashtags allow real estate agents to connect and engage other social media users based around a common theme of interest.

Don’t just blindly hashtag, though. Be very specific. For example, instead of hash tagging your open house #openhouse, add your name or the address to the open house. By being extremely specific, you can get potential real leads to notice.

  1. Ask clients for reviews

This might sound intrusive. It’s not! Asking happy clients for reviews is the best way to encourage engagement on social media. First, happy clients most likely will want to provide you a review. Second, happy clients most definitely will want to hashtag their reviews. What it means is that via a single review, you could create a lead generation network that expands throughout Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever other social media network on which the client places a review.

If you’re scared of asking for reviews, think about it this way:  you did a good job helping the client, right? Was the client happy? Are you confident that you did the best job you could? Don’t be scared about asking for reviews.

One thing to note is that reviews and testimonials aren’t the same. A testimonial is a piece of marketing video, audio, or written blurb that testifies to your abilities as a real estate agent. Reviews are small snippets, sometimes only a sentence that reviews your work as a real estate agent.

  1. Showcase clients

Call up one of your top clients and ask the client if he or she wishes to be a showcase on your social media sites. There are all sorts of ways to showcase the client. The best way might be to provide video and photos of them moving into their new home that you sold to them. Other ways could be for them to engage with their social media followers while name-dropping you, or hash tagging your real estate agent site.

The above are just three ways for real estate agents to encourage social media engagement. Some things to keep in mind is to always be upfront about what you’re doing while always sticking to social media norms. Finally, think of other ways to get clients and potential leads to engage on social media. The more engagement, the more potential leads you can generate.

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