Real Estate Agent Messaging: Never Forget the Follow-Up Message

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We wrote a blog about a week ago that discussed the virtues of a great first impression. Although our lives have become more digital than ever, making a great in-person first impression is still a wonderful way to put your best foot forward. A first impression can only be made once. It’s important that you, a hard-working real estate agent, doesn’t mess it up.

However, a great in-person first impression isn’t enough. You must also remember to follow-up with clients. Some of us forget about the follow-up message when trying to help someone purchase or sell a home. Check out the definition of the follow-up message along with why it’s so important for real estate agents.

Real Estate Agent Messaging: The Follow-Up Message

Per the Business Dictionary, follow-up is monitoring a job, inquiry, sale, etc., to get feedback on the schedule, requirements, effectiveness, or other such factors. The Business Dictionary goes on to say that following up is a part of following through.

When it comes to the real estate agent, your follow-up message must be as powerful as your first impression. Even if you give a great first impression, if you don’t follow-up with a strong message, the potential client could instantly forget the first impression.

As a real estate agent, in a way, you’re interviewing for a job whenever you meet a potential client. That’s why it’s a good idea to think of your follow-up messaging as if you’re following up after a job interview.

Real Estate Agent Messaging: Goals with Follow-Up Messages

Whether it’s via text, via email, or in a phone conversation, all follow-up messages must strive reach these goals:

  1. Assert that you’re great at following through – This is the most important goal. You want to make sure that potential clients know you will follow through with them once you’ve set up a plan to either sell their house or to find a house for them to buy.
  2. Implies 24/7 availability – Due to the nature of purchasing or selling a home, clients can get nervous. Although you might not be available 24/7, you want to be available to follow-up if a message comes in no matter what time of the day. It’s a huge leap for a young couple to purchase a home. It’s also a huge deal for someone to sell their home. Make sure you imply your availability in your follow-up messages.
  3. Ensure the client that you understand what they want – Now’s not the time to tell clients what they need. Some clients absolutely need direction. However, with a follow-up message the goal is to let clients know that you understand what they want.

Eventually, you will develop a strong enough relationship with the client to point them in the right direction. There’s nothing wrong with using your expertise. That’s why home buyers and home sellers hire you. However, no client wants to feel pressure. Also, you want to establish the type of relationship where the client is confident that they’ve hired the right person.

Follow-up messaging, like giving a great first impression, is a skill. Don’t worry if right now you’re not sure about your follow-up message. Keep striving for the 3 goals listed above. Soon enough you’ll have developed the skill to provide the type of follow-up messages that create long-lasting clients.
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