Real Estate Agent Marketing:  The Problem with Word of Mouth Marketing

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Making a first impression is fantastic. As a real estate agent, once you’ve made a great first impression, you’re on your way to turning a potential client into an actual client. Once you’ve satisfied a few potential clients, word of mouth could really help your business.

Word of mouth marketing, especially in the real estate agent industry, is one of the best ways to become a successful agent. Without it, you could end up missing out on potentially huge deals. That’s why we’d never write that you should brush off word of mouth marketing.

We do feel that you should be aware of some negatives around word of mouth marketing, though.

Word of Mouth Marketing Negatives

We found all of these word of mouth marketing negatives from Kristie Lorette’s article Negatives of Word of Mouth Marketing Strategies.

  1. Lack of message control – This is the first negative Kristie writes in her article. We happen to agree. Message control is huge in the real estate agent industry. Word of mouth marketing requires that the message about you doesn’t comes from you. You’re counting on other individuals to explain how great of a real estate agent you are.
  2. Lasting negative effects – If a negative image of you comes from word of mouth marketing, it’s impossible for you to turn the negative into a positive. The reason is because you most likely won’t be aware of any negative statements made about you. You almost most definitely won’t be aware to whom those negative statements were made to.
  3. Spread effect – The spread effect happens all the time. When it comes to negative word of mouth marketing, or even positive in some instances, the spread effect can make it difficult, close to near impossible, for you to be a successful real estate agent.

A negative comment from word of mouth marketing to one potential client could spread like a virus to every potential client in your region. That could have a disastrous effect on your real estate agent business.

Again, we don’t want to scare you off word of mouth marketing. We do want you, and all real estate agents, to be aware of negatives surrounding word of mouth marketing. By being aware of the negatives, you can stop yourself from perpetuating a negative from ever happening.

Keep the negatives in the back of your mind each and every time you meet one of your clients, or a potential client.


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