Real Estate Agent Advice:  Why You Must Convince Sellers on List Price

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Having the right attitude can most definitely help you become a better real estate agent. Nobody, sellers or buyers, likes to work with someone who has a bad attitude. As with everything, having the right attitude isn’t something that exists in a vacuum, though.

The reason we bring up attitude before getting into why you must convince sellers on list price is because the right attitude can go a long way, well, to convince sellers on list price. Keep reading for info on why you must convince sellers on the right list price.

Real Estate Agent Advice:  Why You Must Convince Sellers on List Price

1. You wish to sell the property, not just list it.

You wish to sell the property. Some real estate agents might only wish to list it. Why would a real estate agent only wish to list it? The more listings, the better the real estate’s resume to other potential clients.

2. You want to satisfy the potential client. That means ensuring they sell their home.

It’s important to look at every situation knowing you have the client’s best interest in mind. That means wanting to satisfy sellers. The only way a seller will be satisfied is if you sell their home.

3. You don’t believe in empty promises.

Telling a seller that they can sell their home for the price they wish to list it at is often an empty promise. You know better than to hand out empty promises.

How to Convince Sellers on List Price

Before doing anything, you must determine how motivated the seller is to close on the property. An unmotivated seller most likely will look to list the home at an unsellable price. Once you’ve determined the seller’s motivation, do these things to convince the seller to list their home at an appropriate price.

1. Communicate with the right attitude.

Have the right attitude with all client communications. If you need pointers, check out our blog on how having the right attitude can make you a winner. 

2. Educate your potential client.

If the market won’t support the price your client wishes to list their home at, tell your client that. Educating potential clients about market trends and current market prices is part of your job.

3. Discuss, in person, specific points on pricing.

Give clients specific points on pricing. Why is the price they wish to list their home not feasible? What’s a better price and why?

4. Provide facts about what happens to houses that are on the market for too long.

Houses that languish on the market often end up selling at a much lower price than houses that were priced correctly the first time they hit the market.  This happens because buyers have short memories. They look at houses that are new to the market.

There’s nothing wrong with being up front with sellers. In fact, that’s your job. You not only want sellers to sell their property, you also want them to sell it at the optimum price. That means being honest about list price.

We got most of these ideas from Diana Deitz’s blog on Although Diana wrote her blog in 2012, many of the concepts she discusses remain relevant today.

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