Real Estate Advertising: Rethink Your Approach

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Take the next few minutes to watch these commercials. Some are real estate advertising, some are not. Think about how you would connect with them as a consumer. Think about if Apple tried to sell you an iPhone this way. Think about Nike selling you shoes this way or Oakley selling you sunglasses this way. Would you buy them?

Century 21 Superbowl Commercial

Miramar Coastal Properties

ERA Nicholas Real Estate Commercial

Zillow’s Commercial

Skype Advertisement

My Take On Real Estate Advertising

You see some very good advertising here, and some very bad ones.

The Bad

Let’s start with the Century 21 commercial. This real estate commercial was played during the Superbowl – one of the most expensive TV commercial spots during the year. As a consumer I think this commercial failed miserably, but at least they had a concept that could have worked. They used 2 of the most emotional times in a person’s life – a wedding and sending a kid off to college – and turned it into a joke and all about the agent. How could these have done better? Perhaps they could have dropped the kid at college. Mom crying on the way home. Walk into an empty home. Flashbacks to the “good times.” Dad says something about maybe it’s time to let someone else enjoy this home as much as we have. Cut to Century21 sold sign in the front yard with a new family.

The Ugly

The Miramar commercial was all about “me, me, me” and has no consumer connection. “These homes all sold fast. In an average of 49 days!” Ok, so what is fast about that? What is that compared to? You just listed a $10 million property? Congrats. So why should I list with you again? I already forgot.

Even Uglier

Then we see another “me, me, me” commercial from ERA Nicholas. Come learn more about us on our website. We have tools to help you make the right moves and stay updated. The ad doesn’t say why they need that information other than to be “successful.” Sorry guys, but this just isn’t enough of a call to action to be successful, and it sure doesn’t connect with anyone.

The Good

Zillow – Just wow. “You’re not just looking for a house. You’re looking for a place for your life to happen.” If you didn’t get choked up by the family walking in to find daddy home from the service, you must be one of the real estate agents that complained about this commercial because it didn’t say anything about real estate agents. And guess what: It didn’t say much at all about Zillow either. THIS is how you connect on an emotional level to your client base without being sales-y.

The Great

No, I swear that’s sweat I’m wiping out of my eyes. I know this isn’t a TV commercial, but the Skype ad is an amazing message of staying connected. How many people have a loved one a long way from them that they haven’t seen in a long time? Skype shows you how to close that gap and stay together. And during that whole 90 second commercial, Skype was only mentioned twice.

People want to do business with people that they know, trust, and like. Think about how your real estate advertising can connect to the emotions of a person and you will automatically fill all 3 of those criteria. When you are looking at how to do real estate advertising, perhaps you should look outside of the industry. Look at other successful ads and commercials out there and try to figure out why they are working. Look at the ads on the right column on Facebook and figure out which ones you would click on and then figure out why. Look at promoted tweets and think about if you would click on them. Understanding your own motivation to click on ads will go a long way to help you turn around and advertise to others.

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