Quick Tips to Make Real Estate Videos Pop

Renae Virata | May 31, 2017 | Marketing

Quick Tips to Make Real Estate Videos PopWhat are some of your real estate videos lacking? Is it a little mood music? Or maybe it’s a little extra footage to set the scene?

Besides having a good camera, editing software, a good topic or subject, script and location, additional sight and sound can really shape your video for the better. Think about any movie you’ve seen. If you changed the music from sad violins to a up beat, the scenes and the mood of the movie would be significantly different.

Your videos, no matter how simple and short, deserve that same attention. Here, we’ve rounded up the best background and b-roll video sites for you to use with each of your real estate videos.

Background Music

How boring is a video without a little background music? Pretty bad! You might not notice that many of the more entertaining informational videos you’ve watched have background music. It can be really subtle but have a profound effect on how you process the information in the video.

Background music also provides a level of branding for your real estate business that enhances your visual brand. For example, if you are a luxury real estate agent, then you might want to choose more classical-sounding music with a slight modern edge. Are first-time homeowners or sellers more your target market? Then a punchier sound may serve you better.

You can also choose different music for different videos depending on the subject or choose once “signature” song that people will recognize as yours. Whenever you listen to a podcast, you no doubt hear the same intro music, so if you only heard that music, you’d know on the spot what it’s for!

B-Roll Video

What exactly is b-roll video? It’s shots in your video that are used as extra footage in between your main shots. Usually, you see it as a building in a video with a voiceover or generic images of people, for example.

The background of why they call it b-roll is interesting, actually. At a time when tapes had a side A and side B, side B is where this type of footage would be saved.

So when exactly would you need to use b-roll video for your real estate videos? Imagine you are showing a standard listing video for a particular neighborhood that you frequently sell in. Images of the local park, the city, storefronts and the like would be great to include as part of the intro or in between main shots.

Just as there are stock photo sites, stock video sites abound. Thanks to Veed.me for this solid list of free or low-cost stock video sites!

These are just two ways that you can enhance your real estate videos. You can make your listings stand out and drive your brand quotient higher.

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Renae Virata