Quick Guide to Partial Real Estate Leads

Renae Virata | July 3, 2015 | Frequently Asked Questions, Resources for Real Estate Leads & Referrals

Quick Guide to Partial Real Estate LeadsIf you use an online lead generation site to get real estate seller leads, you may have found frustration with partial leads.

But not to worry! You can still convert those leads that seem to go nowhere into clients.

Most people think that just because you don’t have a phone number or email that the lead stops there. But many agents have actually found success with partial real estate leads using a just a little legwork and a lot of ingenuity.

What’s a Partial Lead Anyway?

A partial lead is a lead you get from an online source like Home Value Leads that does not include a way for you to directly contact them, specifically by phone or email.

However, if your lead includes an address (say, when they are looking for the value of their home), then that’s a great place to start. Again, don’t throw these leads away! Oftentimes, you can convert them to clients.

How Can I Successfully Convert Partial Leads?

This is a great question, and one that many of our Home Value Leads members ask every day. Here are some ways you can follow up with just an address.

  1. Snail Mail: You have an address, so mail your prospect something. The postal service still works, you know, so it’s still at your disposal as a handy tool for contact. When you do send snail mail, write a quick note mentioning that you have their free home value report and CMA report in there with it.Don’t forget to leave your contact information for them to get back to you for them to follow up with you.If you don’t hear from them, send them a follow up letter a couple weeks later and let them know that you are there to help.
  2. Door Knock: Again, with an address, you know where they live. Simply tell them you were in the neighborhood for a listing appointment (you, after all, are a very busy agent helping many people sell their homes!) and drop off their home value report with your business card.If they aren’t home, you can simply leave it at their doorstep. Check out our post on door knocking scripts for more inspiration on what to say to your partial leads.
  3. Look Up Their Contact Info:One of the beautiful things about the Internet is that you can find contact information for virtually anyone.Search tax records, do a simple Google search or search for the address in sites like Blockshopper or Arivify.Once you find the name, you can often find phone or email addresses by typing [name of contact] then “email” or “phone”.

Has Anyone Actually Found Success Converting Partial Real Estate Leads?

The answer: yes! Of course, it’s not as easy as picking up the phone or dropping a quick email in their inbox, but it has happened. And you shouldn’t lose heart just because you see more partial than full leads.

What If I Don’t Have Time to Follow Up on Partial Leads or Do the Research?

First, change that mindset altogether. While it does take time, and your time as a real estate agent is precious, it will be well worth your time to follow up on your partial real estate leads.

      • Incorporate Partial Leads into Your Follow-Up Schedule: If you make following up on partial leads a part of your routine, then it will be a lot easier to, well, follow up! As you do with your full leads, schedule time in your days to do this. Whether you use a spreadsheet or a CRM system, enter the addresses of your partial leads into their own separate task daily. Commit to and remind yourself to 1) look up the information, 2) schedule mailings and/or drop-bys along with your other appointments, and 3) follow up with a second letter or drop-by.
      • Use Your Assistant: Save yourself some time by hiring a virtual assistant to look up the contact information for your partial leads or ask your assistant to do this daily. Provide clear instructions on how to find the contact information based on an address. Have them send you the information in a spreadsheet that you create and that they can just fill in as they go. You can also have your assistant draft the initial letter for you and/or put together the mailings. If you don’t feel completely comfortable, simply have them do a sample one and also keep the mailers open for you to review before they go out.

It simply doesn’t make sense NOT to follow up with partial leads.

Whether they may have been spooked to enter their contact info or just didn’t want to follow through, it’s plain to see, they were interested in finding out the value of their home for some reason. But you’ll never know if you don’t ask.

What creative ways have you found to follow up and convert partial real estate leads into clients? Or what other questions do you have? Leave your success stories, tips and questions in the comments section below.

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Renae Virata